Hellen Jo tears it up

Who is Hellen Jo? We already previewed her contribution to THE GIRLS’ GUIDE TO GUYS’ STUFF, but poking around her website is like poking around your eye. A preoccupation with vomit and other mishaps coupled with an energetic line make her sort of…maybe like the girl version of Johnny Ryan? Check it out.

To Do 6/30 Chicago: Brians Wood and Azzarello

At Chicago Comics Saturday, June 30th, Chicago Comics will host two of comics hottest writers. Be there for Attack of The Brians signing from noon to two p.m or miss everything. Brian Wood debuted in 1997 as creator of the acclaimed series CHANNEL ZERO and has quickly risen to become one of the most important […]

Jeff Smith’s new comic

Jeff Smith is working on a new comic!!!!! According to his blog: The image above is the cover for a 6 page preview comic I’m working on for the San Diego Comic-Con International. It’s also going to be the cover of RASL no.1 when the series starts coming out from Cartoon Books in 2008. Best […]

The Spoiler: an examination

What are spoilers, anyway? Their history in nerd chronology perhaps goes back to the premiere of RETURN OF THE JEDI, when the New York Post, I believe, revealed that LEIA WAS LUKE’S SISTER DAYS BEFORE THE MOVIE OPENED. The young Beat read that spoiler but still went to see the movie opening night, for the […]

Comics Sales: An examination

The monthly publication here of Paul and Marc-Oliver’s sales chart comparisons are always occasions for analyses across the comics blogosphere and industry sites. Although as we all know by now the numbers are low by about 10-12%, the trending is still accurate, and the trending right now is that Marvel is beating DC by a […]

TO DO 6/30 Dr. Sketchy

Dr. Sketchy appears at the Lucky Cat in Williamsburg tomorrow night: Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, the best damn cabaret life drawing class in the world began as the brain child of Brooklyn based artist Molly Crabapple. In the year and a half since its inception, Dr. Sketchy’s has strived to bring its patrons more than […]

Win dinner with Joss Whedon

PR: Joss Whedon has long been championed by women around the world for his depiction of strong female characters. His breakout hit television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer featured Buffy Anne Summers, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar as the young woman chosen by fate to battle demons, vampires, and other nightmares. Buffy inspired a generation […]

Notable quotables

§ Tintin Pantoja goes to a comicon in INDONESIA!: Since I couldn’t attend MoCCA this year, I dropped by an Indonesian analogue- KONDEFEST- this weekend. It was a loose conglomeration of thatched kiosks in a park near the marina. Very hot and not the most pleasant place to spend more than a couple of hours, […]

HELLBOY 2 set report

Neil Gaiman is off in Budapest learning how to direct movies from Guillermo del Toro. Luckily he took daughter Maddie along and she’s been reporting from the set and posting an awful lot of pictures that we’re surprised they let out Today we went on location to film Hellboy 2 and it definitely was not […]