Cut down from’s release schedule. Here’s a handicapped list.

March 28 (Friday)

May 2 (Friday)
Iron Man

May 9 (Friday)
Speed Racer

May 22 (Thursday)
Indiana Jones 4

June 13 (Friday)
The Incredible Hulk

July 2 (Wednesday)
Tonight, He Comes (Will Smith superhero movie— has has a name change.)

July 18 (Friday)
The Dark Knight

August 1 (Friday)
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

BTW we have been FRIGHTFULLY remiss in not posting pictures of Angelina Jolie on the Prague location of WANTED walking her kids to school!

Apparently Brad puts on that hat every day. So cute!

Meanwhile, author M ark Millar Recently went to the set and has some impressions. You really should read the whole thing, because Millar is an entertaining writer, but here’s a little peek.

Despite a five hour delay in Amsterdam, I had a great time and there is nothing– I mean NOTHING– more surreal than wandering around enormous, high school-sized sets of something that lived only in your head just a few years before. I wandered around Wesley’s apartment, touched the bedframe you saw on the splash page of issue two, sat on the chair where he was being toughened up just a few pages later and watched, in awe, the final edit of the scene from the end of the first issue. I promised Universal’s white-hot PR chick I wouldn’t get more specific, but trust me when I say I’m still grinning from how good this looks. In a country where you can get a Big Mac for the equivalent of 50 cents you can imagine what 100 million dollars looks like on-screen. I saw the first 25 minutes of the movie itself and it’s jaw-dropping. As we all know, the super-villains are quite different kinds of villains now, but this first act is almost scene for scene the first two issues of the comic, right down to the dialogue and the captions. I couldn’t be more happy with it. Timur is amazing. The west doesn’t know what they’re getting next March or how great he is yet. I instantly clicked with him as a guy and we’re talking about another project together. I genuinely think he’s the next big thing, perhaps the best action director around at the moment.

However, the FOOD on set did not agree with the Crohn’s challenged scribe, so he was forced to eat at McDonalds every day.

Mark, you are daft.


  1. A year from now, I think I’ll be doing the same thing I’m doing this year: reading movie reviews on The Beat and waiting for the DVD releases! Ah, yes… the exciting life of a stay-at-home dad!

  2. Prague is awesome, and I’ve eaten at McDonald’s there. Believe me, McDonalds in eastern Europe is definitely a 1000% times better than it is here. It’s still not gourmet, but at least it’s edible. I think that over the years, our fast food has been made with more and more worse ingredients and we haven’t noticed. I don’t know why Mark thinks they’re as good as here, I think they’re better.

    Prague is also, by the way, the most beautiful city in the world and a hell of a party town.

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