Holiday Blogosphere responses to Joe Q

While the holiday weekend has left people more interested in barbecues and outdoor exposure, a few developments. First J. Bone has posted the above image. But see also this (!). A few responses from the blogosphere. Laura Hudson: Oh, Joe Q. How could anyone read anything perverse into this picture of bleeding, half-naked women strung […]

Neil Gaiman to direct DEATH movie with LaBeouf?

film ick has scoop: Later this year – if all goes well – Neil Gaiman will be directing his first feature film. It’s an adaptation of his Death: The High Cost of Living mini-series, and – of course – he’s scripted it. This was the film he was discussing with Guillermo del Toro at the […]

Comics show runner spotlighted

George Gene Gustines examines the concepts from TV which are now being used in comics , like “Show runners’ and “seasons.” ¶In “Countdown,” a new weekly series from DC Comics that began this month, Paul Dini, who worked on ABC’s “Lost,” is serving as head writer. ¶The new “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series from Dark […]

Things to click on

§ Early manga champion Frederik Schodt profile § LA Times looks at Minx line § Video of Frank Miller talking about the Spirit at Cannes. § Milo George tracks the political donations of your favorite cartoon types.

The Spurge Guide to San Diego

The Comics Reporter has posted the Annual Guide to San Diego Comic-Con, which is as definitive as it gets. His list of lodgings ranked by desirability has 22 categories, and in our 20+ years of con going, we’ve known someone to utilize all 22! Even jail. The guide contains many shockers, like this: 2. In […]

Early O’Malley

Jeff Lester tracks down an early work by Bryan Lee O’Malley: Spider-Man: Doctors, an early reader for kids. O’Malley ‘fesses up: Yeah, it was one of the first things I did in comics, way back in 2001. Go ahead and run images if you want. Christopher Butcher actually helped me colour it, which is why […]

Help Fantagraphics with Pogo

Gary Groth is paging all Pogo fans to help with FBI’s upcoming Pogo reprints: We are requesting the help of Pogo collectors who may have original art or high quality reproductions of Walt Kelly’s Pogo strip. We are currently assembling Walt Kelly’s POGO: The Complete Daily & Sunday Strips. We are looking for the best […]