The Comics Reporter has posted the Annual Guide to San Diego Comic-Con, which is as definitive as it gets. His list of lodgings ranked by desirability has 22 categories, and in our 20+ years of con going, we’ve known someone to utilize all 22! Even jail. The guide contains many shockers, like this:

2. In eight years of staying there, four days per visit, the only comics-related person I have ever seen in the Westin Horton Plaza’s exercise room is Kevin Eastman. In general, use of hotel facilities like pools, hot tubs and exercise rooms seems to be really light during the convention weekend. Taking a couple of extra hours in the morning to pamper yourself or get in a workout can be fun and a great stress reliever.

Kevin? Didn’t see THAT one coming! Also THIS

3. The security people at the Hyatt will follow you into a bar in order to yell at you for not obeying their orders, but you pretty much have to take a swing at one to get thrown out. Don’t test this.

is not true, as we have been thrown out of the Hyatt bar, although that was a long time ago. Things may have changed.

Also, your press types may want to note that the con is closing down press registration on June 18th, which is really, really, really early, but they are trying to keep down the people who show up on the day of and get in for free as members of the press. Professional registration closed on May 1.