MOM’S CANCER by Brian Fies has won a Blooker Prize in the comics category. The Blooker Prizes are sponsored by POD publisher Lulu. A comic book telling the true story of a dying woman’s battle with incurable lung cancer has won the comics prize in the world’s first literary contest for “blooks” or books based […]

Platinum’s lack of credit – UPDATE

UPDATE: AS per the comments, Platinum has now added credits for the strip. Kudos to them for doing the right thing right away. Platinum VP Dan Forcey had this to say in Roman’s LJ comments: Dave, it’s Dan Forcey here, VP of Content Development from Platinum. I wanted to write you a personal apology here […]

Can this man save print?

Maybe. As you may have heard by now, Tim Leong’s COMIC FOUNDRY magazine has been rejected at Diamond for being in B&W and having a high price point, although other B&W magazines about comics have the same price point. Now we’re not trying to pick on Diamond; they do a fabulous job and part of […]

UpFronts: Heroes spin-off, THE IT CROWD

The nets are announcing their fall schedules this week, and although we still don’t know for sure about VERONICA MARS (although it looks bad), we do know that HEROES is the show everyone is imitating, and it even get s a six episode spin-off mini-series, just like in the comics. Perhaps the biggest news from […]

Cannes news and notes

Well it’s that time of year: another super glamourous Cannes Film festival is unspooling, and soon pictures of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie standing on the red carpet will remind us once more of their godly beauty and our own insect-oid squalor. A few cartoon types have slipped past the cordon, however. One […]

News and notes

§ The Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection (OCC) recently has added 1,000 newly donated comics related materials, including works by noted Oklahomans Kate Worley (Roger Rabbit, Wonder Woman), Sam Cobean (New Yorker cartoons), Doug Marlette (Tulsa World editorial cartoonist), Al McWilliams (Blazing Combat), John Romita (Spider-Man), and Al Capp (Lil Abner comic strip parody of Dick Tracy). […]

“Get over my hotness, Alba pleads”

“I have my own fashion style and do not try to fit in. I don’t have my breasts under my chin, I’m not showing butt cheeks, nor much legs. I don’t go for the trendiest look.” Jessica recently claimed she wants to be a “serious actress”, and does not want her movies to be all […]

Odds, ends

§ Get well even quicker to Polite Dissent’s Dr. Scott who suffered a heart attack but is out of the hospital and feeling better. § Get well soon to Kaja Foglio who is in the hospital. § Austin Trunick has joined DC’s publicity department, filling the position recently vacated by Sierra Hahn. § We hear […]