§ Get well even quicker to Polite Dissent’s Dr. Scott who suffered a heart attack but is out of the hospital and feeling better.

§ Get well soon to Kaja Foglio who is in the hospital.

§ Austin Trunick has joined DC’s publicity department, filling the position recently vacated by Sierra Hahn.

§ We hear the press room at San Diego has been relocated to the Omni. Ironic considering the fact that we got a room at the Omni this year so we would be closer to Hall H.

§ We are going to weigh in on the latest gender crisis, but we’re taking our time because we’ve been through this so many, many times before.


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Novelty Waves from the album “Patashnik” by Biosphere

Also playing: The Klaxons (these guys do NOT sounds like the Stone Roses), Simian Mobile Disco, Röykspp, and the Spider-man 3 soundtrack, which we may even write about some day.