The return of Craig Thompson

Whatever happened to…the auteur of BLANKETS, the book which in many ways kicked off the whole “comics are literary” movement? Well it seems he’s holed up drawing his follow-up, HABIBI, but he’s remerged with an interview at Daily Cross Hatch and more importantly, a BLOG, Doot Doot Garden Blog which presents a page from HABIBI. […]

Women of Comics II announced

Diana Tambyn sends word of this year’s Women of Comics meeting at this years Paradise Comic-Con in Toronto. The debut of the Minx line will be a special focus: Over 20 female comic book writers, artists, and editors will come together June 9-10 at Women of Comics II – part of the 2007 Paradise Toronto […]

1st 2nd, MOCCA, CCS unite for scholarship

And the winner is…Sean Ford. The winner of the first annual First Helpings Scholarship is Sean Ford, a student at The Center for Cartoon Studies. The announcement was made jointly by Mark Siegel, Editorial Director for First Second Books; James Sturm, Director of the Center for Cartoon Studies; and Matthew Murray, Editorial Director of The […]

Blog@Newsarama interviews video guy

We’ve all been cracking up at those “I’m a Marvel and I’m a DC” videos on YouTube, but only Blog@Newsarama interviews creator Michael Agrusso: 1. How long had the idea for “I’m a Marvel… and I’m a DC” been percolating?I’m a MarvelI’m a Marvel I pretty much acted on it as soon as it occurred […]

Comics artist’s family struggles

UPDATE: please note corrected Zip Code in address below. It’s 62702 not 62704. The local paper has a grim report on the recent death of artist Tom Artis, specifically the financial state of his family : He suffered a massive stroke in June that left him comatose, relying on a ventilator to breathe and a […]

Marvel’s usual post-Spidey decline kicks in

As we’ve mentioned, historically, when a SPIDER-MAN film comes out and sets box office records, Marvel’s stock usually takes a tumble as people rush to sell off. This is no different, than last time, but did result in a downgrade from several analysts. Part of the problem is that Marvel’s great quarter was due to […]

Dark Horse inventory spotlighted again

The other day Chris Butcher had another complaint about Dark Horse: namely that despite the huge popularity of the new Joss Whedon Buffy book, the trade paperbacks of his work are not available: I’ve bitched about Dark Horse’s inability to use their trade paperback program to properly capitalise on media events in the past, lots, […]

The future, yes

We’re getting into deadline crunch time here at SBM for THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY, so we’re trying desperately to ween ourselves away from the 12 posts a day habit we’ve had. In addition there are many important topics that deserve longer examination. Like lunch in the park.