52 Exit: Morrison

Here is the 52 exit interview you have REALLY been waiting for Grant Morrison and he even mentions the Rutles: * (On writing a weekly comic.) “I always knew we could make it work. I cut my teeth as a writer on weekly comics, doing serialized stories in 5-8 page chunks for 2000 AD. The […]

UGO shows us where we went so terribly wrong

We were kicking around UGO the other day and noticed a feature that we wish we’d thought of first, to be honest: UGO’s Foxy Fans are Hot Girls. In this pre-Playboy style pictorial we learn that Hot girls like fantasy entertainment too. Trust us! Just because a hot girl likes to lounge in lingerie, that […]

The Ultimate Con Report

No need to write any more, in advance of this weekend’s Bristol Comic Expo, Budgie has done it all: Checking in was [easy/a pain/interminable] and I nodded at [name dropped in the hope that it’ll make me seem more important]. He nodded back, [pleased to see me/sympathising/wondering who the hell I was]. We promise to […]

Strangers in Paradise wraps in NYC 5/31

The CBLDF is sponsoring a VIP wrap party/benefit for Strangers in Paradise on May 31st in NYC. Read on for the details. In more SiP news, you can catch Terry Moore’s soundtrack for the book at his blog. All good things must come to an end. When they do, you’ve gotta send them out in […]

CBLDF makes a statement

We may have had to close down the epic thread about you-know-what, but so may opinions were flying fast and furious, that CBLDF head Charles Brownstein felt compelled to issue the following clarifying statement: There seems to be some confusion about the CBLDF’s position on the Ellison/Groth dispute. The CBLDF’s charter mandates that our funds […]


Regular readers may recall the odd and colorful saga of BOILERPLATE, a make-pretend mechanical man created by Paul Guinan who ended up being used in a novel by Chris Elliott, who thought the robot was real and in public domain. Elliott was only apprehended when friends of Guinan’s showed up for a signing. Happily all […]

TUF Season 5, Episode 5: Fatty Agonistes

[It’s come to our attention that some Beat readers don’t like our Ultimate Fighter coverage this year. We will seriously consider moving it somewhere else in the near future but we’re kind of enjoying doing it, so please just skip it if you don’t like it.] Yes yes this is way late so we’ll be […]