200705091347Here is the 52 exit interview you have REALLY been waiting for Grant Morrison and he even mentions the Rutles:

* (On writing a weekly comic.) “I always knew we could make it work. I cut my teeth as a writer on weekly comics, doing serialized stories in 5-8 page chunks for 2000 AD. The idea of the weekly is certainly not new in the UK – practically all of our comics are weeklies and most of us who learned our craft here are familiar and comfortable with that format.”

* (On the departure of original editor Steve Wacker) “As I said at the time, and dragging out the band analogy one more time, it was like The Beatles when Brian Epstein died. Or perhaps more like that bit in ‘The Rutles’ when Leggy Mountbatten goes AWOL.. We were shocked. And stunned. And shocked. Really shocked. And stunned. Did I mention stunned ?”

*(On who did what) “The roles also shifted around a little as we progressed. Everybody always describes me as the ‘big ideas’ guy but they only ever mention one of my ideas (Skeets is evil…oooooo) and you rarely get to hear how much of my time was spent cheerleading my way through the weekly phone calls. Everybody likes to typecast Mark as the staunch traditionalist when in fact he’s a supersmart, witty and literary writer with no respect for authority and he probably had more confrontations with editorial than any of the rest of us. Greg’s supposed to be the angry, street level guy who grounds everything in reality but he also has a lurid pulp imagination and is very thoughtful and gracious team player. Geoff is often seen as the white collar go-to company guy at DC when he’s actually a bloodthirsty, restless innovator who continually pushes for characters to experience the new, different and deadly and he has no real loyalty to previous ways of doing things at all.”


  1. That jellyfish quote in the end is money I tells yah, MONEY! It is sure to adorn many a facebook by the day’s end!