Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: March 2007

By Paul O’Brien CIVIL WAR is finally behind us – well, the miniseries, if not the event – and March saw Marvel moving on to its next phase. The big news of the month, of course, was CAPTAIN AMERICA #25, with the death of the title character. But March also had the debut of MIGHTY […]

Rall on Maakies

Ted Rall’s Maakies strip has finally been published.. There’s a long history here, but the short version is that Tony Millionaire and Ted Rall agreed to do versions of each others strips back in 2003, but Millionaire didn’t run Rall’s when planned. JIm Treacher’s blog has more coverage from the vaults.

Captain America Arrested with Burrito in Pants

A costume party gone wrong led to a a bad night for one Captain America, when a Palm Bay physician discovered liquor and a burrito in your tights don’t mix, especially when you keep trying to get women to “touch it.” On Saturday night, when a costume party full of medical professionals stopped at On […]

Pibgorn to return to the web

Here’s a story going around that strikes us as hiving quite a bit of interest. PIBGORN was one of United Media’s wwebcomics (yes they have them) by Brooke McEldowney, the creator of the popular 9 Chickweed Lane. Pibgorn was a lot more adventurous than the average newspaper strip, and it was recently cancelled, due to […]

Kryptonite discovered in Serbia –UPDATE

It’s true! Scientists have discovered a NEW mineral in the Serbian wilderness: Researchers from mining group Rio Tinto discovered the unusual mineral and enlisted the help of Dr Stanley when they could not match it with anything known previously to science. Once the London expert had unravelled the mineral’s chemical make-up, he was shocked to […]

Catch-up news: Burford, etc.

Some interesting stuff that we caught on our spin around the web: §Brendan Burford named to replace the late Jay Kennedy: Brendan Burford has been named comics editor of King Features Syndicate, effective immediately. The appointment comes about five weeks after the death of King Editor in Chief Jay Kennedy, whose duties included overseeing comics […]

Catch-up: ComicsPRO

Somethiong we’re sure to read: brian Hibbs account of the first ComicsPRO meeting for retailersheld recently in scenic Las Vegas: Since we needed to have elections, we reasoned, maybe it would be better to do them face-to-face. There were also a number of policy items (like “what constitutes a consensus of members? Do we need […]

CATCH-UP: Wilkinson wins Thomas Nast Award

Editorial cartoonist Signe Wilkinson added to her award shelf with the Overseas Press Club’s Thomas Nast Award for international cartooning: Founded in 1939, the Overseas Press Club is an association of journalists working in the United States and abroad that works to strengthen the freedom and independence of journalists and the press throughout the world […]

CATCH-UP: Quick step wins Mini Comics Excellence Award

Wait perhaps this is what that last photo refers to: Quick Step has won the 2007 Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics! I spent the night at the awe-inspiring Isotope Comics for the APE Aftermath Party where I accepted the award. Thank you so much to this year’s judges, and for all the new friends […]

APE memories

We’re still checking out all the links at Tom’s APE memories page, but we wanted to spotlight a few links including Wizard’s (!!!) coverage: The comics-loving city has a history of supporting independent and alternative funny books, from the ’60s heyday of the underground comix movement to the self-published graphic novels of today, and one […]