We’re still checking out all the links at Tom’s APE memories page, but we wanted to spotlight a few links including Wizard’s (!!!) coverage:

The comics-loving city has a history of supporting independent and alternative funny books, from the ’60s heyday of the underground comix movement to the self-published graphic novels of today, and one of its most acclaimed traditions has been the annual Alternative Press Expo. The show once again landed in the Concourse Exhibition Center on Saturday and Sunday, but the festivities continued all over town. From the Friday night super-signing at Brian Hibbs’ Comix Experience with indie stars Bryan Lee O’Malley, Hope Larson, Kevin Huizenga and Gene Yang to Saturday’s celebration of the Fifth Annual Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics, Wizard Universe was there.

The above photo is from Wizard’s photo page and we dassn’t even guess what is happening in that picture.

The Daily Cross Hatch also has observations:

As I made my way around, I noticed that each person had their own style of selling themselves. Some were quite friendly and loquacious, some were serenely knitting geegaws, others all but tossed snickers bars at me, and one performed an impression of “Deer Bathed in Headlight.” I myself fared no better than some of the ones who were ill-at ease, so I decided that rather than asking too many scary questions about the product at hand, I would find out about the exciting discoveries they themselves made at the convention.

Aaaand, be cause they asked us to link, some photos from CNET News.com.


  1. The photo is the presentation of the Isotope Award–that’s the “upper deck” at Isotope, with owner James Sime at the right in the spiffy suit. The Dr. Strange cape is part of the shop’s decor and was made by Sime’s co-owner, Kirsten Baldock.

  2. There’s my man, Riffner taking home the most deserved isotope in hostory for his breathtaking Quick Step mini. A smart publisher will sign him up quick.

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