Ward Sutton writes to say he is wrapping up his SUTTEN IMPACT strip which ran in the Village Voice among other places. In the last couple weeks I made a big decision: to retire my Sutton Impact comic strip. I began the strip 12 years ago and the Village Voice picked it up 9 years […]

APE unfolds

CORRRECTION: Oops, we told you we were blotto — that was a 3-year-old poster. Info and graphics corrected. We’ll be away during this weekend’s Alternative Press Expo so we won’t be able to make all our usual “going APE” Jokes and our coverage must be a bit perfunctory. The guest list is incredible from Art […]

Spider-Man 3 opens in Tokyo

Spider-Man 3 had its world premiere in Tokyo the other day — the first big American movie ever to debut outside the US. “Spider-Man 3,” the latest and possibly last film in one of the world’s most successful movie franchises, premiered on Monday with thousands of screaming fans cheering stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. […]

Venture Bros. news

First, the Venture Bros Season 2 dvd is on sale this week. Next, to celebrate, and raise some vacation money, Jack Publick is ebaying off 14 pieces of his original art for the DVD. Links and more pictures in the link. [Thanks to Kenneth Plume for the link]

Handelsman wins Pulitzerl

Walt Handelsman has won the 2007 Cartooning Puliztzer “For his stark, sophisticated cartoons and his impressive use of zany animation.” It was his second win in the category (He also won in 1997.) Ray Bradbury and John Coltrane were awarded special Pulitzers. Mormac McCarthy won the fiction prize for The Road. Editor and Publisher had […]

RIP Brant Parker

Wow, they’re going fast. ‘Wizard of Id’ cartoonist Brant Parker has died at age 86, Parker of course collaborated on Id with Johnny Hart who passed away last week. Parker had given up drawing the strip some time ago and died in a nursing home. The Kingdom of Id sprang to life in a New […]

Just a few more Sunderland bits

Bob at Four Realities reports on last nights Bryan Talbot talk in Toronto: Most of his presentation then looked at individual pages of the new book and discussed how they fit into the larger picture of either the history of Sunderland, the history of Carroll or the history of comics, occasionally adding some details and […]

Format discussion continues

Will the future belong to the pamphlet peepers or the book buyers? The debate continues at Matt Maxwell’s blog: So, just jump in and do pamphlets and not worry about the trade, since it’s all a sunk cost. Well, that’s great, only in this marketplace, monthlies tend to shed sales pretty regularly (assuming you’re an […]

News and Notes

§ Whatever happened to the rest of Hill andWang’s non-fiction graphic novel series, we were wondering just the other day. WEll, ICv2 answers the question: Hill and Wang plans to release Ronald Reagan: A Graphic Biography, written by Andrew Helfer (Malcolm X: A Graphic Biography) with art by Steve Buccellato and Joe Staton in September, […]