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Kevin Coldan’s FISHTOWN , yet another segment of the ACT-I-VATE webcomics consortium debuts.

Read Gothic Sports Chapter 1

We’ll end our brief foray into onscreen comics with a legit freebie, the first chapter of Anike Hage‘s Gothic Sports, a new manga from Tokyopop. The premise is really “Why didn’t I think of that?”: Goth kids playing high school sports. Click on the image for a full-sized spread, and note the reason that manga […]

Is this the future?

While all this was going on, a friend of ours happened to IM us with a link to ComicBookLover , which is apparently state of the art for reading those downloaded comics: Boxes of comics in the garage? Or are you a more serious collector? Even if insured for the risk of theft or flood, […]

Vado on Eyemelt — update

As we all know, comics publishers are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that everyone is downloading everything, and many people don’t want little pieces of paper in their homes, either. AT Newsarama, busy Chris Arrant talks to Dan Vado about SLG’s venture into downloadable comics, I actually spent time and a little money […]

More imagery borrowing

Only a few days ago we were commenting on the success of designer boutique stores, like Giant Robot and Toy Tokyo. Now the Kelly/Goldman scandal has brought to the forefront the cutthroat nature of the design business, where one idea can be immensely profitable be being endlessly ripped-off. Two sites are devoed to showing examples […]

Todd Goldman issues apology

Following up on yesterday’s story of seeming idea theft, t-shirt maven Todd Goldman has issued a statement on the subject of reportedly stealing an image from webcomics artist David Kelly: Popular post pop-artist, Todd Goldman who has made a career of making fun of the world with his sarcastic commentary and cartoon icons, has mistakenly […]

First grey Iron Man image

IGN has the first image of Iron Man’s FIRST suit and you know, we kind of like it. It’s got that Jack Kirby/Kevin O’Neill/Paul Guinan vibe to it.

More Drinky Crow Show!

Free sample of the Drinky Crow Show which as everyone knows, premieres on May 13th! One short month to go! This snippet has spankings, eyeball dismemberment and everything else a modern cartoon needs.

Morning News Briefs

§ Alex Raymond’s space adventurer Flash Gordon returns in a new TV show on the SciFi channel, starring Eric Johnson: The 22-hour series is set to debut in August with Gordon, backed by his classic cohorts Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkov, trying to safeguard Earth against attack by the cruel intergalactic predator, Ming. Casting is […]

Steal this Thursday

So many news stories and essays are coming across our desk that deal with downloadable comics, internet copying and getting your entertainment for free, that we’ll be devoting most of today’s posting to that topic. Not that we have any answers. Downloading reached critical mass many years ago, and every time we walk by the […]

RIP Kurt Vonnegut

So it goes.