Following up on yesterday’s story of seeming idea theft, t-shirt maven Todd Goldman has issued a statement on the subject of reportedly stealing an image from webcomics artist David Kelly:

Popular post pop-artist, Todd Goldman who has made a career of making fun of the world with his sarcastic commentary and cartoon icons, has mistakenly used the design of an another artist in two of his recent paintings. Todd’s painting, “Dear God, Please Make Everyone Die”, was inspired from a drawing he received unbeknownst to him belonging to an underground web comic artist David “Shmorky” Kelly.

In addition to painting, Todd designs t-shirts for his clothing company, David & Goliath. Todd and his design team create and receive thousands of design ideas every month. It’s no secret that Goldman creates a lot of his painting ideas from his t-shirt designs. Goldman says “I made a judgment error and didn’t research the background of this particular submission. “My intention was not to copy Mr. Kelly. I have never seen his work before and would never intentionally knock-off someone else’s idea.”

Goldman has issued a formal apology to Mr. Kelly and has stated that he will not be using his design again in the future. As a gesture of good faith, Goldman has pledged not profit from his mistake. He will instead donate his proceeds from the painting directly to Mr. Kelly or his charity of choice.

This comes at the head of an immense thread on which we dare not wade into for more information on whether the vindictive email sent out regarding Kelly’s personal life was really from Goldman or a forgery. We’ll update when we have more evidence either way.


  1. Bullshit. Compare and contrast…

    “My intention was not to copy Mr. Kelly. I have never seen his work before and would never intentionally knock-off someone else’s idea.”


    “Here’s my inspiration! Every month I paint the works of a pedophile. This week, I chose the work of Dave Kelly, he’s a huge infantilist furry.”

  2. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s a rather blatant trace (an overlay is shown over at the SomethingAwful) thread, I’d be… well, not more likely to believe it, but less inclined to laugh in shocked disbelief.

  3. Lichtenstein didn’t mass produce his work? Fair Use allows for images to be used in artwork, but there is a limit. Otherwise works of collage and assemblage would be nonexistant. And one of RL’s first comic pieces used Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck!
    Another argument is: does the work of art express a new interpretation or comment on the image? Or does it use that other definition: trickery?

  4. Next, Kate is going to accuse Andy Warhol of stealing the design for Campbell’s Soup cans and passing it off as his own.

  5. How do you “mistakenly” use somebody else’s image? Yeah, he may or may not have known who made the original image, but SOMEBODY had to have created it. What a dink.

  6. um yeah, statement or not, doesn’t mean he’ll pay anyone he stole from, anything. This man is scum! What about the others he stole/steals from? Massive lawsuit is all I can think of.

  7. He has no shame. Once he stole the work from “ugly dolls” and was caught, a lot of icons from other illustrators, and uses cliparts……
    Btw …artist??

  8. The quy apoloqized…why are you people qivinq him
    a hard time ?
    If you dont like him SO much–dont worry about him.=)
    DONT post comments about him & DONT look him up.
    He is the qreatest artist ever !!!
    He expresses the humor of art!
    ART is supposed to express ! He is expressive towards his
    humor side of life & tellinq you even somethinq so serious
    like art,can also be brouqht about as funny!
    Dont judqe him … if you dont like his art-leave him alone.

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