Dr. Master teams with IGN

Manga publisher Dr. Master has joined the ranks of publishers offering digital downloads via IGN’s Direct2Drive site. D2D already offers games and movies and has been slowly moving into the comics distribution business. DrMaster Publications Inc., the publishing arm of DGN Production Inc., today announced an agreement with Fox Interactive Media’s digital retail store, Direct2Drive […]

Onstad talks artisanal bacon and Achewood

Salon has a lengthy chat with Chris Onstad of Achewood. The popular webcomic has spawned a cookbook of all things Cooking and eating have become pervasive themes in the strip. Do you worry that some percentage of your readership just has no interest in what you’re talking about when you get into vegan substitutions or […]

Link: The Charlton Comics Story

Nowadays when people think of Charlton Comics, if they do at all, it’s only because WATCHMEN started as a reinvention of Charlton’s superhero line, or or perhaps in fond remembrance of E-MAN. But they were a full service comics line that published everything from THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY to TIMMY THE TIMID GHOST to FIGHTIN’ MARINES. […]

More about Yen Press

Hachette’s Yen Press imprint, headed up by Kurt Hassler and Rich Johnson is certainly one of the most noteworthy of all the mainstream publishing houses ventures into the world of graphic novels, not least because of the impeccable track record of the two principles. We’ve watched with some interest people like Anjali Singh become important […]

Cartoon Brew FIlms launches

Speaking of cartoons and websites and what not, we are remiss in not mentioning earlier the launch of CartoonBrewFilms.com, which is run by the fine fellows behind must-read animation clog Cartoon Brew Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi. The site will offer downloads of quality animation from everyone from Jib Jab to Bill Plympton, for modest […]

When the Ramones Met Spidey

Comics Allianceis yet another general interest comics blog that launched recently. We meant to link to it a while ago, but what with one thing and another, it got driven clear out of our mind. Anyway Comics Alliance is notable for being an AOL-affiliated blog, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t jealous […]

Cat fight!

Everyone loves Felix the Cat, right? And everyone loves those Kit-Cat clocks with the black cat with the big eyes, right? Well, did you ever think they were maybe TOO similar? Well, the Felix folks think they are and have sued the Kit-Cat Clock Co., saying it’s a “blatant rip-off” guilty of violating over 100 […]

What’s up at Wizard?

Ever since we found a way to add Wizarduniverse.com to our RSS feed, we’ve found all sorts of interesting stories there. Like this round up of 52’s greatest moments that actually made us want to read the thing: Wizard staffers pored over the entire series to find the top moments that knocked us off our […]

Hustlings and bustlings

It’s a busy time in Comicsland, it seems. The success of 300 has ratcheted up Hollywood’s interest in comics to even greater heights, the bookstore/manga revolution is moving along, and big doin’s are brewing everywhere we look. News is scarce for the moment, but there is a lot of activity behind the scenes. We can’t […]