Ever since we found a way to add Wizarduniverse.com to our RSS feed, we’ve found all sorts of interesting stories there. Like this round up of 52’s greatest moments that actually made us want to read the thing:

Wizard staffers pored over the entire series to find the top moments that knocked us off our feet and showcased the fun and excitement the book stood for.

So sit back, 52—this is your life…

The chalkboard in Rip Hunter’s laboratory had all kinds of psycho ramblings written down on it, which ended up having ties to the rest of 52. From Aquaman’s heir to World War III, it set up clues that played out throughout the entire series. (52 #6)

200704110340We detected a strong note of nostalgia, however, in this piece, which looked at the latest “hot comics,” a throwback to days of yore when comics were perceived as “collectibles” and not “literature”. Even Wizard can’t keep up the pretense, however, when the #1 book is from…ONI????

COMIC BOOK WASTELAND Oni Press’ breakout hit Wasteland, by Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten, has taken the back market by storm, and demand for early issues has driven prices up to the $10-$15 range. The long-awaited trade paperback ships this week, so you can expect prices to take a dip in the near future.


  1. Thanks for the compliment, Heidi! We’re doing our best, and I realize that the ability to process the content on our site is often beaten down by the sheer volume of it all. I’ve made RSS Feeds a necessity for the next stage of the site, but in the end, I wanted to make sure we had a level of content to warrant it first.

    We’re doing our best to cover indie/small press series and their creators as much as possible, too. It’s great to see that this is getting noticed. All it takes is the time to shoot me an email about your project, and I’m more than happy to consider it for an article on the site.

    Oh, and on the last note, those “Market Watch” features are some of the most popular sections on the site, so there must still be an audience for ’em.

    In the end, I’m just trying to provide the content readers want to see. I’m glad you’re enjoying some of it!

    – RM
    WizardUniverse.com Editor