Spider-Man Week takes over NYC

Despite being a failure compared to Manga, Spider-Man will be the focus of a week of activities and displays throughout all five boroughs of New York City, says the NY Daily News. Check out all the events in the jump, because some of them look interesting,like an exhibition on spiders at the Museum of Natural […]

Drinky Crow May 13!

Because we were feeling very guilty and wanted to do penance, we watched some of the live action shows on Adult Swim last night and decided for the 30th time that the complete raison d’etre for most of them is simply making you feel uncomfortable. Hooray. Putting hoisin sauce in your underpants will do that, […]

MoCCA programming announced

MoCCA takes place this June 23-24 and as usual, there is a great line-up of panels, although read the first paragraph of the release for the change in venue for panels only. Please note: While this year’s MoCCA Art Festival will be held at the Puck Building (Houston/Lafayette), the programming will be held at MoCCA […]

LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE reprint details

More exciting strip reprint news, as we’ve received the official PR on IDW’s upcoming LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE strip reprint series, the first volume of which is due in February, ’08. Tribune Media Services and IDW Publishing are proud to announce that IDW is the official and exclusive licensee to publish collections of Harold Gray’s classic […]

Comic strip debuts in Jewish Museum in Munich

Whatever happened to former DC editor Jordan Gorfinkel? Well, for one thing, he’s just completed a comic strip that decorates the walls of the new Jewish Museum in Munich, Germany: In a panel of Jordan Gorfinkel’s “Everything’s Relative” comic strip, Holocaust survivor Zayds explains why he won’t visit Germany. “I’m trying not to remember vhut […]

Arty stuff: Andrew Brandou, Mars-1

Vinyl Pulse is a pretty kick-ass blog that covers designer toys and related art movements. There’s a recent interview with our hero, artist Andrew Brandou, who has a show coming up this month at The Corey Helford Gallery in LA. Brandou talks about his “Sniper Bunny” toy. The packaging for sniper bunny is integral as […]

Bakshi Book due

Chris McDonnell of the comics collective Meathaus announces he and Jon Gibson are putting together a book on animator Ralph Bakski: I’m currently researching and co-writing an art/ biography book with Jon Gibson on director and artist Ralph Bakshi slated for release in the summer of 2008 from Rizzoli NYC. We’ve set up a production […]

Yen Press announces new title

Brigid at MangaBlog breaks the news of another title from Yen Press, the Hachette graphic novel imprint: With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child. The author is Keiko Tobe. “It is a fictionalized account of a family and what they go through in these circumstances, but it is something that is realy designed for parents […]

Jam finds new place to drink, draw!

Regular readers will recall our grief over the closing of dive bar McCarthy’s, home to the monthly House of 12 comics jam. Mastermind Cheese Hasselberger writes to say that a new venue has been found! More info here. So, after the demise of our old home, McCarthy’s and a not-so-exhaustive search, we’ve come up with […]