200704020140Brigid at MangaBlog breaks the news of another title from Yen Press, the Hachette graphic novel imprint: With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child.

The author is Keiko Tobe. “It is a fictionalized account of a family and what they go through in these circumstances, but it is something that is realy designed for parents living through a similar experience,” Hassler said. “The Japanese publisher had been receiving numerous requests from English-speaking parents of autistic children asking if this is available in an English language edition. It is something the publisher had no luck finding a home for and we immediately jumped at it.”

The award-winning story runs to 10 volumes in Japan and has been adapted into an award-winning drama, as well.

We find this news of some interest…if nothing else, the arrival of a substantive, issue-oriented manga to the United States is a nice break from the usual escapist fare that makes it here.