RIP Drew Hayes–Updated

Word is going around that POISON ELVES artist Drew Hayes has passed away. He had apparently had several health issues over the years, but we don’t know any more than that. Hayes self-published POISON ELVES in the early 90s before moving it over to Sirius, gaining a following for its quirky storyline and detailed art […]

Reuben Awards list

Tom has the complete list of Reuben Award Nominees, but until we find our own copy, we’ll just send you there for the whole thing: We Will note that the nominees in the Comic Book category include. Cancer Vixen by Marisa Acocella Marchetto, American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang and Chicken With Plums by […]

Kelso in NYT

Following Chris Ware, Jaime Hernandez and Seth, the next strip in the New York Times Sunday Magazine will be Watergate Sue by Megan Kelso. The strip will start on April 1 and run for about six months.

Highly anticipated CGI film debuts!

Here it is! We know you have all been waiting for this huge comics-based film coming from Warner Bros. this spring. It uses a CGI techniques in ways heretofore unseen, and excitement is high…yes it is…TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. We don’t have much to say, because we went fishing, but we’ll post some stills for […]

Time looks at webcomics

No, really: In 1950 an aspiring cartoonist who drew a comic strip for his local paper wanted to get wider distribution for his work. So he took it to a syndication service. An editor at the syndicate liked the strip but didn’t care for the name, so he changed it. To Peanuts. Charles Schulz always […]

Garfield looks funny, with or without a head — UPDATED

Had we not decided to “go fishing” today, surely we would have reported on this story with the dramatic headlineBeheaded Garfield statue had physical flaws. Now that is a straight line that lends itself to MANY different interpretations, but it seems a fiberglass statue of the portly feline located in Fort Wayne was desecrated, its […]

Area man follows “Smurf Passion”

We wish we hadn’t “gone fishin” otherwise we could report on this heartwarming story about a guy who REALLY LOVES SMURFS. A self-confessed Smurfaholic, Billy has one of the country’s largest collections of the little blue figurines – more than 2,000 at the last count. There are Smurfs playing football and tennis, Smurfs on the […]

Gone Fishin’

Not really. We wish it looked like that. It really looks more like this.