We wish we hadn’t “gone fishin” otherwise we could report on this heartwarming story about a guy who REALLY LOVES SMURFS.

A self-confessed Smurfaholic, Billy has one of the country’s largest collections of the little blue figurines – more than 2,000 at the last count.

There are Smurfs playing football and tennis, Smurfs on the moon and, even more bizarrely, Smurfs holding golden pigs.

What is more, Billy is looking to boost his collection this weekend when he travels to Brussels for Smurf Passion, Europe’s biggest event for Smurf enthusiasts.

You can see photos from a Schtroumpf Passion, as it is factually known, in this link.


  1. wow! that’s a lot of smurfs. i actually think they were my first things I started to collect before I moved on to other toys and comics.

  2. “Smurf passion”? Is that something like “Disney Sex”?

    And if you guys care to discuss the judeo-christian themes of Smurfette’s creation, let me know. We can get smashed on Smurf-themed drinks!

  3. Met Billy at Smurf Passion this weekend, what a gentleman, and I hope all goes well with the Anglia TV report. With fond memories of his late mother Val.