That 70s Post

The “were 70s comics crap or complete total crap” meme continues to go around. Blog@ sums up all the blogospheric pressure with a post entitled If loving Killkraven is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Not surprisingly, hate-fueled Dirk hates all 70s comics except HOWARD THE DUCK. Tom also jumps into the melee, […]

Fight! Mark Millar vs. Graeme McMillan!

It started on Millarworld where Mark Millar declared Graeme McMillan a stalker of the most obsessive type. Unfortunately, all creators with any profile attract obsessives. All the other name writers have one too, but I’ve never seen anything like this guy before. He just seems to eat and breathe it. Obviously, people can have creators […]

Fight! Dan Slott vs the facts of life

Here’s another entertaining internet feud that we sadly don’t have time to jump into, but Johanna has the short version. Basically, writer Dan Slott goes on the Demonoid message board and asks people to stop downloading his comics. (Demonoid is a popular bitorrent tracker site.) Slott’s own 3 gigs of DOWNLOADS from Demonoid is then […]


Derek McCulloch and Shepherd Hendrix are hitting the road in support of their Glyph Award-nominated STAGGER LEE, and The Beat is even joining in at one of the stops! Derek McCulloch and Shepherd Hendrix, creators of the critically-acclaimed graphic novel Stagger Lee, are taking their Stagger Lee 101 tour on the road for a series […]

Booklist’s Top 10 Graphic Novels for Youth

A distinguished panel of librarian experts puts together a top ten list for the ALA: 1. Kampung Boy2. The Legend of Hong Kil Dong : The Robin Hood of Korea3. Missouri Boy4. Girl Stories5. Kristy’s Great Idea6. Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain7. To Dance : A Ballerina’s Graphic Novel8. Castle Waiting9. American Born Chinese10. […]

To Do 3/22: Gigantic at McNally Robinson

The Gigantic Comics crew are making a special appearance tonight at 7:00 at the McNally Robinson comics shop in Manhattan. Tell ’em The Beat sent ya. What: Gigantic Graphic Novels/ Teenagers From Mars, Dead West, Hellcity, Rotting In Dirtville and The Pirates of Coney Island Who: Rick Spears – Vasilis Lolos – Macon Blair – […]

Munna & Circuit hit the comics

Just what IS going on in the Indian comics business anyway? We’re always picking up stories about comics in India in our Google feed, but we never hear about any fans. Anyway here’s yet another mysterious story this one focusing on how two popular movie character — Minna and Circuit — are to become comics […]

Reuben nominees

E&P has A write-up on the Reuben Awards nominees, presneted each year to fine cartoonsits by the National Cartoonists Society, but we can’t find the actual list online anywhere. Anyone have a link. Anyway, here are the top categories via E&P: The creators of “FoxTrot,” “Speed Bump,” and “Bizarro” are this year’s nominees for the […]