THR: Helfant “forced out” at Marvel Studios

The trades are announcing a slew of changes at Marvel Studios, with The Hollywood Reporter reporting that “Michael Helfant, the studio’s president and COO, has been forced out.” A Hollywood vet who was brought in to give Marvel Studios a solid entertainment connection as they started producing their own movies, Helfant was exec producing THE […]

You can’t take it with you

Are you a packrat? Come on, you know you are. Well, just remember, once you kick the bucket, someone is going to go through all that stuff, and they might not understand. The New York Times presents a tale of new home buyers who found a lot of stuff in the attic of a house […]

Captain America’s Shield bequeathed to Colbert

As you probably know by now, the capper to the entire Cap Flap is that Joe Quesada has delivered Cap’s hallowed shield to the one person fit to carry it: Stephen Colbert. You can see the clip on Comedy Central’s website or rather less annoyingly here. Newsarama has a nice write up of the story, […]

Iranian politicos, US Marines differ on 300

It seems that in Iran300 has been viewed as an affront to Persian culture at least according to the staff of Pres. Ahmadinejad: Javad Shamqadri, a cultural advisor to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said it was “plundering Iran’s historic past and insulting this civilization”. He branded the film “psychological warfare” against Tehran and its people. […]

Rucka spills

Now that 52 has almost ended, CBR presents a remarkably content-laden interview with Greg Rucka: The biggest thing about “52” for all of us, and none of us went into it naively, was that none of us knew exactly how hard it was going to be. I think we tried to equate it to other […]

Rising Stars of Manga 7 winners

Tokyopop has announced the winners of the 7th Rising Stars of Manga competition. This is our AMERICAN IDOL, people! Give them a hand! BEST OF ACTION Ares Maier by Daniel Lucius Cross BEST OF COMEDY B is for Bishie by Margaux Hymel and Russell Herrick BEST OF DRAMA Melody by Stacy Nguyen BEST OF FANTASY […]

Desperado laves Image

PR: Continuing its mission of publishing the highest quality comics from top-notch creators, Desperado Publishing has announced that their two and a half year publishing partnership with Image Comics will come to an end this summer. Black Mist #4, solicited for May 2007, will be the final co-publishing venture between the two publishing companies. Desperado […]

Perlman as Comedian?

Daniel Robert Epstein talked to Hellboy star Ron Perlman and got a few tidbits: Daniel Robert Epstein: Besides Hellboy what has been necessary for your work in terms of reading comics? Ron Perlman: Well, Frank Darabont is a really close friend of Guillermo’s and they share a boyish passion for comic books. The first time […]