The time change has us knackered, so we’re restricting ourselves to some PR posting today. But for a little bonus, here is a list of the top 20 search terms that bring people to The Beat (Asterisks have been added to prevent an influx of “the wrong element”.)

1 ghost rider
2 disney s*x
3 the beat
4 daniel radcliffe p*nis
5 ghost ride-
6 ghost rider poster
7 johnny depp
8 pwbeat
9 300 premiere
10 shin chan
11 elf p*rn
12 pirate
13 nak*d harry potter
14 beat
15 300 toys
16 harry potter nak*d
17 pw beat
18 heroes nbc
19 the beat heidi
20 gerard butler workout


  1. Disney sex? Well, I know about the dirty version of “Be Our Guest”, and two wonderful jokes (Snow White getting kicked out of Disneyland, and Mickey Mouse getting divorced), but never, ever thought to put those two words together.

    Thank you, oh Mistress of the Mostest, for once again enlightening me!
    (wow, 4.6 Million hits on Google, 236 on their video!)

    (I could make a joke about “Gerard Butler Workout” but it’s too easy…)