As you probably know by now, the capper to the entire Cap Flap is that Joe Quesada has delivered Cap’s hallowed shield to the one person fit to carry it: Stephen Colbert. You can see the clip on Comedy Central’s website or rather less annoyingly here.

Newsarama has a nice write up of the story, including the shield’s real world origins:

Marvel fans may recognize the shield – it was a constant prop in the editorial offices (probably best known recently for appearing in a picture with Bill Rosemann a few years back when Marvel moved their offices), dating back to the days of long-time Captain America write and editor Mark Gruenwald. Most recently, the shield had been in Editor Tom Brevoort’s office.

According to Brevoort, the shield was acquired by Gruenwald, who either commissioned it or received it as a gift from a fan costumer in the early 1980s.

“It was one of two shields that Mark had, the other being the ‘cursed’ shield�-�so named because, after Mark�-?s passing, anybody who possessed it would get fired shortly thereafter,” Brevoort told Newsarama. “That ‘cursed’ shield is long gone at this point.”

The shield was clearly visible on Colbert’s wall of trophies on last night’s show, and will probably be there for some time. PS: Stephen Colbert is a big nerd!

Speaking of Cap, Marvel released this image later yesterday strongly hinting that the Punisher might become Captain America! Oh thank god, I thought they were going to do something with political allusions.

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  1. God, will Brubaker write that? Will Ennis? They can pick these storylines that make me think it’ll be the worst thing ever, but they’re so talented that it becomes cool. Also, when did Punisher/Captain America start getting published by early 90’s Image comics? We’ve got lots of pockets!! And big boots! Crazy guns!

  2. I am amused at Quesada’s letter to Colbert about how he had to redistribute a deceased hero’s belongings and find myself thinking what else he’d have to bequeath, and to whom.

    I mean, Thor’s gone, right? Who’d he give Mjolnir to? Or if Spider-Man died, who’d get his stuff?

  3. Apparently Millar’s taking credit for this over on his board (it’s on Newsarama’s blog as well). Let’s see, it’s a terrible idea that’ll tick off a lot of people and will go down as a low point for the character despite selling a ton of copy. Hmmmmm, yup, that’s a Millar idea.

  4. Pretending (and yes, that’s what it is, frickin PRETENDING) to kill off Captain America while our country is fighting a war on multiple fronts.
    The kids’ll LOVE it! Right, Quesada?
    They must be paying Stan Lee a lot of money not to come up there and kick your unoriginal, inept ass. And you’re lucky Simon & Kirby are both dead. I’m glad they’re not alive to see this mishandling of their creation.

    Comics-They’re not just for kids anymore.

    In fact, they’re not for kids at all.

    Hey, here’s a new slogan for you guys:
    Comics- Just keep your kids the hell away from them.

    I’ve never seen such a highly celebrated LOW POINT.

  5. “Joe Simon isn’t dead, and apparently isn’t especially offended by all this, either.”

    Yeah… but if he was dead, imagine how pissed he MIGHT be.

  6. Ahem. Called it.

    And I still expect Bucky to usurp Castle. Perhaps “expect” is the wrong word; “hope and fervently pray that saner minds prevail” might be more accurate. “Punisher 2099: Director of SHIELD” looked better than this.

  7. BobH said: “Joe Simon isn’t dead, and apparently isn’t especially offended by all this, either.”

    Has anybody asked him?

    Sorry I thought you were dead, Mr. Simon. It’s just that you stopped sending me Christmas cards…

  8. According to the article at the link:
    “But I can say that I have been talking to Joe during all of this. Not once has Joe expressed any annoyance about what Marvel has done. Quite the contrary Joe seems to be having a blast. He is been giving interviews to all sorts of newspapers and even TV.”

    Sounds like Joe isn’t taking this to hard.

  9. i actually like the look, but he’s a man, right? not a character from the he-man cartoon.

    secondly, i don’t think a proper rep from the u.s. should have a death’s head skull on his chest. puts out the wrong image, ya know? ;)

  10. i like the idea of the punisher taking captain americas spot but he needs to make MORE of punisher of a syle because i think some how captain america is going to come back and reclaim his place. maybe the same design as captain america, but without the little fairy wings on the head, and bring back the shield and lose the guns. if they wanna include something it should be a sword or something like that but not guns. the guns look like crap. the punisher should take the costume of captain america and store it away for him.

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