DC’s Arnold Drake obit

Writer Arnold Drake, a mainstay at DC Comics during the 60s and 70s and best known as the creator of THE DOOM PATROL and DEADMAN, died Monday at the age of 83 of complications stemming from a recent bout with pneumonia. “Arnold was one of the craftsmen who built the DC universe,” said Paul Levitz, […]

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The Beat is moving servers. When, we don’t know. It could happen in five minutes or in the middle of the night or in a month. We may have a lot of warning when it happens, or none at all. The PW website is under going a redesign and The Beat will be not only […]

More on Arnold Drake

As reported yesterday, writer Arnold Drake passed away yesterday of complications from pneumonia and septic shock. He was 83. Drake was a busy writer at DC in the 50s and 60s, creating THE DOOM PATROL with writer Bob Haney and artist Bruno Premiani and DEADMAN with Carmine Infantino. He went on to write many kids […]

Simmons Comics Group launches through IDW

We always said that Gene Simmons was far from a comics dilettante, but rather someone who just can’t stay away from the funnies, despite his busy duties as the bass played in KISS. Now he’s launching his most ambitious comics venture yet with The Simmons Comics Group, which will publish through IDW. Simmons’ son Nick […]

Linkie winkins from all over

§ The AP is running a nice profile of the webcomics collective Act-i-vate: Artists in the year-old, invitation-only collective upload a new comic or installment to their graphic novels each week, making the content on the daily anthology highly diverse. ACT-I-VATE members draw upon a host of influences including Japanese comic book artists, music, film, […]

Would digital download solve CAP #25 shortage?

Todd Allen thinks so: Publisher, Dan Buckley, announced Marvel’s intention to go digital at the New York Comic Con in late February, but no timetables or formats were announced. You’d like to think Marvel gets it, but if you go to their website, there are no links to purchase anything Captain America related, just descriptions […]

Sponge Bob Plagiarism Pants?

A Calfornia cartoonist is suing Sponge Bob creator Stephen Hillemberger and Nickelodeon claiming the underwater toon icon was a rip-off of his own “Bob Spongee”: Cartoonist Troy Walker created a comic strip in 1991 about a sponge with a personality. Bob Spongee had eyes, legs and arms. He lived on Apple Street with his wife, […]

CCS teams with Sunrise Greetings

Sounds like the cards from Sunrise Greetings just got a little cooler, as they will start using the work of students at The Center for Cartoon Studies. The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) and Sunrise Greetings are thrilled to announce a creative partnership. Beginning in the summer of 2008, Sunrise Greetings will showcase work from […]

New York removes last old man bar; comics jam moves

We received the following from Cheese Hasselberger of House of Twelve and it made us raise our fist and cry “WHYYYYYY!!!!????” yet again. You are receiving this because you have been to at least one Ho12 Comic Jam at McCarthy’s Bar and Grill on Second Ave. over the last four years. Sadly, those days have […]