We always said that Gene Simmons was far from a comics dilettante, but rather someone who just can’t stay away from the funnies, despite his busy duties as the bass played in KISS. Now he’s launching his most ambitious comics venture yet with The Simmons Comics Group, which will publish through IDW. Simmons’ son Nick is heavily involved and the venture will be discussed at the IDW panel at this weekend’s Wizard World Los Angeles. The line is launching four titles, including GENE SIMMONS’ HOUSE OF HORRORS, an anthology of stories about kitties and bunnies…oh we kid, it’s a HORROR ANTHOLOGY! Boo!

He has the most famous tongue in the world. He created the two-fingered “horns” salute everyone uses at sports events (and, of course, they all stick their tongues out while doing the salute). Did we mention he also spits fire, throws up blood and has probably bedded down your sister?

200703131525Mostly, he has grown up with, deeply loves and knows more about comic books than you would imagine. He will reel off who lettered (!!!) the first six issues of almost any Marvel comic, and tell you with certainty about the history of the medium (whether you ask him to or not). So great is his love for the art form, that his college paper was (rightfully) called ‘THE SOCIAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PANEL GRAPHIC ART FORM.’ Grade? A+. And, when this soon-to-be Demon was teaching sixth grade in Spanish Harlem (!!!), he brought in a Spider-Man comic to use as a teaching device.

He has, in fact, been a super hero himself… in the pages of KISS COMICS (starting with Marvel’s two $1.50 comic book specials from the ’70s). He can boast of having fought Dr. Doom to a standstill. But never before has this multi/hyphenate (rock star/ marketer/brander/TV and movie producer/best-selling author and lecturer) created his own, comic book imprint.

Until now, that is.

IDW Publishing is proud to announce that they have partnered with Rock Legend Gene Simmons of KISS fame to create the Simmons Comics Group, an imprint within IDW’s stable of comics. Simmons himself will be writing some of the comics, and has fully created and fleshed out a number of new titles that will be appearing in comics shops and beyond in 2007. New Simmons Comics Group titles are:

* GENE SIMMONS HOUSE OF HORRORS—a quarterly horror anthology debuting in July with a special cover by the inimitable creator of Spawn, TODD McFARLANE. The comic will also feature and featuring intros and outros written by the book’s host, Gene Simmons himself. Issue 1 will feature stories written by Chris Ryall, Tom Waltz, Dwight MacPherson, Sean Taylor, and two talented progeny, Alan Moore’s daughter Leah Moore (with John Reppion), and Nick Simmons, too.
* ZIPPER–a stranger in a strange land tale like no other, created by Gene Simmons and scripted by Tom Waltz
* DOMINATRIX–T & A meets CIA in a conspiracy and cleavage-laden series created by Gene Simmons written by Sean Taylor
* INDY—RACE OF THE GALAXIES–a contest of racing champions that takes place in deep space, on alien worlds, and features a cast of millions in a tale that appeals to young and old alike, also created by Gene Simmons and written by Tom Waltz.

In addition to writing his dialogue on GENE SIMMONS HOUSE OF HORRORS, Gene will also contribute an editorial page, “Speaking in Tongues,” in these issues as well. More detailed information on all the SIMMONS COMICS GROUP titles will be forthcoming.

In addition to writing and drawing a title of his own under the IDW banner, NICK SIMMONS’ SKULLDUGGERY, Nick Simmons, Gene Simmons’ 17-year-old son and a star in his own right, thanks to the smash-hit GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS on the A&E Network, will debut his short prose story, “The Child,” in the back of IDW’s comic books, and other stories of his will also be featured in the GENE SIMMONS HOUSE OF HORRORS quarterly anthology.

Nick and Gene both will be appearing at the WizardWorld Los Angeles comic convention on March 17 to launch SIMMONS COMICS GROUP, discuss these projects, and do signings with fans. Father and son will be appearing at IDW Publishing’s panel on Saturday, March 17 at 11 AM (room #511, the Martin Nodell Room). Immediately following the panel, Gene and Nick will be appearing in the IDW Publishing booth (space # 715) and signing large posters of their exciting new titles, GENE SIMMONS HOUSE OF HORRORS (featuring TODD McFARLANE’s art), DOMINATRIX (art by Alex Garner), and SKULLDUGGERY (art by Nick Simmons). For more information, please refer to

“I am a child of comic books. My entire life has been shaped and influenced by the panel graphic artform—and an art form, it is,” said Gene Simmons. “I lived, breathed and dreamed comics. Our Marvel KISS Comics in the ’70s were the biggest sellers of the day. I was proud to actually BE a superhero in those books. I’m proud to say our Simmons Comics Group is the realization of a dream: And, to partner with IDW, a publishing entity that produces quality comic books and graphic novels of the highest order, is a privilege. We intend on producing grade A material by the best writers and artists. And, we will keep the door open for new talent. Onward!”

“There’s an easy tendency to compare this venture to Gene’s past and present Kiss Comics ventures, but this is a completely different beast (or Demon),” said IDW’s Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall. “Both imprints spring from Gene’s fertile, always-spinning mind, but to be in business with Gene in the creation of some all-new comics properties is a the part of this that really excites me. Gene’s made no secret of his decades-long love of comics, and he’s tapped into that love to create some really solid properties here. He came to us with fully fleshed-out worlds, and we’re going to take what he’s done and work together to produce some damned good comics that should outlive either one of us. Which is saying something, since I’m pretty sure Gene’s immortal.”

The Simmons Comics Group will be launching in Spring 2007. For more details, check out and


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