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DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: January 2007 — CORRECTED

by Marc-Oliver Frisch The list of DC Comics’ new launches for January 2007 was surprisingly short and low-profile. They were limited to the crossover miniseries Superman and Batman vs. Aliens and Predators, two one-shots paving the way for the third-stringer title Doctor Fate, and the Vertigo imprint’s latest monthly series, Scalped. While DC managed to […]

Webcomics ’07

If there was one big story bubbling under all the hoopla at the New York show it was digital distribution. Webcomics are going to be where it’s at in the emerging economy. Newwsarama had Marvel publisher Dan Buckley’s comments: Buckley said that he feels that with online distribution of the comics, the entire market could […]

TO DO 3/3: STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo

This weekend STAPLE! hits in Austin, TX. Our third show is this Saturday! March 3, 2007 in Austin at The Red Oak Ballroom. What will it be like? See more photos from our 2006 show. → Doors open at 10am. Just $5. → Special guests Dean Haspiel and Brian Keene. → Independent Animation Panel and […]

Pow! Sock! No comics for adults!

Hey now! THIS is ironic! An article in a Korean newspaper laments the dearth of manhwa for ADULTS. Damn it! Can you believe it? Comics in Korea are kid stuff! And it all started in the 90s. After a heydey in the 1990s, mainstream comic books aimed at adult readers have all but disappeared from […]

Pow Sock! No comics for kids!

A much quoted story from the San Jose Mercury News takes the opportunity for a puff piece previewing WonderCon and turns it into a fretful look at the dearth of comics for kids: Almost no one talks any longer about comics being a sneakily artful way of getting kids to read. There is even some […]

CRACKED crumbles

Comedy blog The Apiary publishes a letter from editor Jay Pinkerton that reveals that the CRACKED revival is folding as a magazine — it continues as a website however. There’s a joke to be made here somewhere, but we’ll leave it to others to find. You’ll recall that CRACKED was once a serious competitor to […]

Lee’s Comics announces Fund Raiser for Fantagraphics at Wonder Con.

Lee’s Comics is holding a fundraiser for Fantagraphics legal costs in the Harlan Ellison suit at WonderCon: Lee’s Comics situated at Booth #400 at the San Francisco WonderCon this weekend is holding a fundraising drive for Fantagraphics Books, which was recently sued by author Harlan Ellison. In order to raise money for legal defense, Lee’s […]

A picture is worth a thousand blogs, unless it’s Vertical

Looking at this slideshow from a PHILADELPHIA TV station looking at the New York Comic-con you begin to see just why everyone wants to cover it: so pervy photogs can take pictures of half naked girls and cute anime chicks. Meanwhile, Vertical’s Anne Ishii delivers the final word in a MUST READ NY Comic-Con 2007 […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 3/2/07

§ Tom Cruise will NOT appear in the WATCHMEN movie, says CHUD: My source was right. While on the phone with Watchmen director-to-be Zack Snyder yesterday, talking about the pending release of 300, I asked him point blank about Cruise, and he confirmed that he and Tom had been talking about it. A lot. But […]

What’s up at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

The Geppi emporium of pop culture has several special exhibits on tap for the year, according tothis press release: Geppi’s Entertainment Museum at Camden Yards (‘GEM-), the internationally acclaimed 17,000-square-foot center for pop culture, has announced its roster of special exhibits through Dec. 1. Currently on view as a tribute to Black History month, an […]

Grand Canyon infested with albino millipedes

A new race of albino millipedes has been discovered living in the Grand Canyon. Two albino millipedes have come out of their cavernous hiding places to represent an entirely new genus of these leggy organisms. Scientists spotted the millipedes in caves on opposite sides of the Grand Canyon. One species was found in a cave […]

Crumb Crisp Coating

The other day we linked to a funny recording of William Shatner giving some voiceover directors the business. In the comments someone made reference to a similar Orson Welles voiceover outtake, which you can hear here. This is both hilarious and heartbreaking. Hilarious in hearing the great Welles talk about canned peas, and call the […]