MLK Day: Africa Comics

Just as a reminder, anyone who is around NYC owes it to themselves to go see Africa Comics the first ever exhibit of comics from that part of the world at the Studio Museum in Harlem. Africa Comics includes 32 artists or 2-person artists’ teams from all over the continent of Africa, including Angola, Benin, […]

New Webcomics collectives: LUNCHBOX and SUGARSKULL

Dean Trippe writes to announce a new all–ages webcomics collective, LUNCHBOX: We’re announcing the launch of a new comics collective featuring some of the finest all-ages comics on the internet, Lunchbox Funnies! The term “all-ages” has become something of a mantra for our creators. We’ve each been working towards creating highly entertaining comics that can […]

Act*i*vators at play

Meanwhile, back in the present day, modern day cartooners hung around bars. We snapped a few pics from Nikki Cook’s birthday party this weekend, at which many members of Act-I-vate and associates cavorted. “The wind began to switch – the house to pitch!” Simon Fraser talks, Dean Haspiel, Mike Fiffe, Kat Roberts and Jen Tong […]

Cartoonists eat lunch

Well, we told you the New York Times LOVES comics, but this is a whole new level of romance as a regular New Yorker cartoonists lunch attended by such folks as Gahan Wilson, Sam Gross and Marisa Acocella Marchetto is captured for posterity : Mr. Gross, wearing a green baseball cap, swaggering like a schoolboy […]

Marv Wolfman blogs

Yes like everyone, Marv has a blog. In a recent post he talks about working with Stan Lee on THE CONDOR, a direct-to-DVD movie he wrote. I’ve also admired Stan as a person. I know fans sometimes think Stan’s happy demeanor is put on, but I’ve worked side-by-side with him in many different situations and […]


Another webcomic makes the jump to print: Building on the success as a daily Web comic at, YOUNG BOTTOMS IN LOVE, Poison Press is proud to announce the print release of this popular work, due in stores May 2007. The print release of YOUNG BOTTOMS IN LOVE offers a select anthology of the online […]

Kochalka on XM Kids

James Kochalka continues todefy background checks and is becoming an actual entertainer for children. He writes: There will be an hour-long James Kochalka Superstar special airing on XM Kids, with an interview and lots of music, including my own music and the kids music that I enjoyed when I was littler. These are the air […]

LA Times previews Spidey, Simpsons, etc

It’s the LA Times Calendar’s annual “Sneaks” issue, and one of the big topics is the three way box office brawl a-brewin’ between PIRATES 3, SPIDEY 3 and SHREK 3: But do the threequels offer too much firepower for one month? Will one film leave the others in tatters or will moviegoers willingly queue up […]

Kevin Smith knows his limitations

In a long interview at director and, increasingly, actor Kevin Smith talks about yet another thing that scares him silly — in this case directing an episode of the proposed PREACHER Tv series: Ghost Rider writer/director Mark Steven Johnson has also asked Smith to direct an episode of HBO’s upcoming “Preacher” series. “Yeah, he […]