Dean Trippe writes to announce a new all–ages webcomics collective, LUNCHBOX:

We’re announcing the launch of a new comics collective featuring some of the finest all-ages comics on the internet, Lunchbox Funnies!

The term “all-ages” has become something of a mantra for our creators. We’ve each been working towards creating highly entertaining comics that can be enjoyed by beginning readers, teenagers, and adults alike. We’re convinced that “all-ages” doesn’t mean “just for kids,” but rather it’s a label that should apply to entertainment that allows for shared experiences across generational lines. Our creators benefited greatly from quality all-ages entertainment growing up, but these days stories that can be enjoyed by children and adults seems incredibly rare.

Lunchbox Funnies wants to change that.

Our comics:

* Aki Alliance by Ryan Estrada
* Astronaut Elementary by Dave Roman
* Butterfly by Dean Trippe
* Cow & Buffalo by Mike Maihack
* Lunchbox by Ovi Nedelcu
* Silent Kimbly by Ryan Sias
* Wally & Osborne by Tyler Martin
* Zip and Li’l Bit by Trade Loeffler

At the Lunchbox Funnies website (, you’ll find links, news, and information for each of our comics and creators. Please feel free to contact Tyler Martin at [email protected] for further information.

More backgraound at Newsarama:

The idea of Lunchbox Funnies originated with Tyler Martin of Wally & Osborne, who fleshed it out with friends and fellow cartoonists Sias and Trippe. The strategy of having a comic collective is that with a more unified front and common thread, the group can create more awareness of each of their all-ages comics. “Comic collectives can serve a good purpose in a market that competes for attention, much like Voltron; a group of like-minded creators can form together to become a new superpower,” said Martin.

Also, another new LJ based collective has launched entitled SUGARSKULL. More details when they become available.