San Diego has announced the date and time of the hotel room lottery: February 6, 9 am PST. Gentleman, start your redial.

I had my first San Diego anxiety dream of the year the other night. I am dead serious. In this one I was so busy that I never even got to go to the convention or the bar except for one night, and I felt bad about missing every one. Then Philip Bond called me. That’s right, I dream about having Philip Bond call me.

As I pointed out last year, there are under 10,000 hotel rooms in the downtown San Diego area. So if you really want a room close to the con, just go book it now.

UPDATE: I don’t believe it! I had another San Diego anxiety dream last night! In this one, even though I had a reservation, every time I checked into a room at the Hyatt there was someone else’s briefcase in the room — THEY HAD DOUBLE BOOKED! God, this is the pits.


  1. I already have my hotel and it is about five miles from downtown by choice. The hotel has a shuttle to the trolley and the airport. It has food close by and a fridge where I can hold food for lunch. The place has rooms for $110 a night and I don’t need a care. I don’t want to have to drive in San Diego that week.

  2. Comic-Con is just way too big for me.

    A couple years ago, I once gave up on having lunch with a friend because I would have had to attempt to navigate about a half a mile across the convention floor to go get him and then try to make our way to the front entrance, and then walk to lunch. I didn’t have that extra hour.