Today’s AMS update

Publishers Weekly daily has the latest on the AMS bankruptcy: The bankruptcy court overseeing Advanced Marketing Services reorganization efforts yesterday approved its request to receive $75 million in debtor-in-possession financing. The funding is enough to operate for the next six months. The wholesaler also received some good news when Costco said publishers that supply books […]

Wheeler in the Onion

As recounted in his blog, we ran into Too Much Opera Man Shannon Wheeler on the subway the other night, and he told us about his strip currently running in THE ONION, Postage Stamp Funnies. I call it postage stamp funnies because so many cartoonists complain that comics are printed at a postage stamp size. […]

John Callahan profiled

Beat Spy RK sent us this profile of quadriplegic cartoonist John Callahan, which ran last week. Popular back in the 90s, with several best selling books, Callahan lives more modestly these, but retains his outrageous nature: Here’s a little secret about John Callahan. The politically incorrect cartoonist, whose drawings of the pope and hoary feminists […]


Inanna’s Tears is an interesting looking new webcomic written by Rob Vollmar and Illustrated by mpMann that just started at Modern Tales, despite the fact it seems to be set in ancient Sumer. Worth a read.

Weather woes slow CIVIL WAR

The weather gods — cloned or not — have spoken, and they have said “Thou shalt not have comics — if you live on the West Coast. Newsarama rounds up the disaster now unfolding, as holidays and the freak snowstorms of the west have got everything FUBAR. The trucks that picked up the books from […]

THE O.C. fades into the sunset

The show which gave the world aspiring comics creator/cool nerd Seth Cohen (Adam Brody), as well as Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson and Allan Henberg is going gently to that goodnight of reruns: Fox started the new year right, announcing yesterday it was putting onetime sensation “The O.C.” out of its misery next month. Peter Gallagher’s […]