Bechdel reacts to well-deserved fame

As y’all probably heard, Alison Bechdel’s FUN HOME, which has been named Graphic Novel of the Year by many people, was selected by Time Magazine as the top BOOK of the year. It’s a stunning achievement for Bechdel, and a nice little cherry on top for the year which saw our graphic literature accepted, respected […]

New Archie reax

Another kerfluffle we haven’t really had a chance to investigate is the Archie redesign. Basically the other day Archie announced they would be trying a LIMITED experiment with an updated look for the Riverdale gang, one designed by artist Stephen Butler. The Wall Street Journal investigates with an article whose title is taken from a […]

Satchel Paige cartoon bio due

We were tooling around MySpace when we ran across a bulletin from Rich Tommaso about the upcoming graphic novel bio of legendary pitcher Satchel Paige. Yes, it was going to be delayed a year, but now Hyperion Books has decided to release James Sturm’s and Rich Tommaso’s “Satchel Paige Striking Out Jim Crow” this summer!– […]


§ Don McPherson’s Eye on Comics review site posts his 2006 Glass Eye Awards. Interesting picks, like GRAY HORSES for best OGN. §The Dove: The Evolution Of Beauty has been making the rounds showing how makeup, lighting and a hell of a lot of Photoshop can make an ordinary woman a teeny glamour gal. According […]

Pullbox offers gift cards

We never had a chance to comment on PULLBOX, the new comics downloading site started by Devil’s Due’s Josh Blaylock. Basically, you pay a buck to download a comics. Devil’s Due, IDW and Jim Mahfood are making some of their comics available through it. Certainly it’s a ludicrously simple idea and we’re surprised no one […]

Graphic novel helps Scots read!

If The Scotsman is to be believed, a graphic novel of Robert Louis Stevenson’s KIDNAPPED is all the rage, and it’s being given away free to encourage reading. IT is one of the best-loved stories to come out of Scotland. Kidnapped has captivated generations with its gripping tale of high drama in the Highlands and […]

Keef the pirate

This unauthorized still from PIRATES OF THE CARIVBEAN 3 show Cap’n Jack Sparrow and his dad, played by Keith Richards cavorting with a little person. In a Rolling Stones t-shirt. Lame. The pic has been pulled down from several sites, but here ya go.

Silver Surfer rides the screen

First look at the Silver Surfer from the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, via USA Today With computer-generated imagery techniques similar to those used to create Gollum in The Lord of the Rings, the slippery Surfer, voiced by Doug Jones, “will look somewhere between gun metal and fluid metallics so you can see the body motion, […]

Another ZsaZsa Zaturnnah still

Just because. This Filipinocomic based movie has gotten a good rating, and apparently that leads to savings! Thursday, ipina-review naman ang pelikula sa Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) for a possible tax rebate. Sixteen board members reviewed the movie. Fourteen graded it an A, two gave it a B. Almost unanimously, Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh passed […]

Saving Rudolph

Cartoon Brew points us to Screen Novelties News which has a harrowing tale of the restoration of the original Rankin/Bass puppets used to make RuDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER. The puppets were in bad shape, having been used as Christmas decorations/playthings for the last 30-odd years in the home of a former Rankin/Bass employee. Santa’s legs […]