If The Scotsman is to be believed, a graphic novel of Robert Louis Stevenson’s KIDNAPPED is all the rage, and it’s being given away free to encourage reading.

IT is one of the best-loved stories to come out of Scotland. Kidnapped has captivated generations with its gripping tale of high drama in the Highlands and the Capital.

Now, Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic is taking centre stage in Edinburgh’s first ever city reading campaign, which will see more than 15,000 copies of the book given away in the new year.

Writer Alan Grant and artist Cam Kennedy, the comic book creators best known for their work on Judge Dredd and Batman, have joined forces to transform the 19th-century blockbuster into a stunning graphic novel.

According to the story, a “Scottish language version” of the wee bookie is also being given away. Och, but we’d love ta see that, unless it’s just Alan Grant reading it aloud.