Flight 4 cover preview

Over at the Flight Comics Blog Kazu Kibuishi is previewing the cover to FLIGHT 4, and there is an announcement of an event: This piece, along with others by Chris Appelhans, Khang Le and Israel Sanchez just to name a few, will be on display at the Imaginary Spaces gallery show at Nucleus, which opens […]

ComicSpace is okay, really!

We got some heat in the comments for our post yesterday on ComicSpace and their unscientific demographics. Now before you get all riled, that was our way of pointing out what we call the “5-to1” ratio. Back in the day when comics were in the shitter, we often observed that if everyone trying desperately to […]

Wizard Musings

While speculation over the internal metrics of Wizard’s recent reorg remains just that — speculative — we ran across an item that adds a little more fuel to the brew. We were watching a 60 Minutes report on mixed martial arts (Go Renzo!) when it was mentioned in passing that the IFL, the fight league […]

Dorkin update

Having escaped a dangerous ceiling collapse, Evan Dorkin updates his fans with various projects, including the possibility of more SHIN-CHAN: Sarah and I have begun “punch-up” work on a new batch of episodes for the Shin-Chan anime from Funimation. It seems the test run on the Adult Swim went over well, I am assuming the […]

Hardcover Cockrum tribute book

Clifford Meth sent us this news a few days ago, and we lost it in our inbox, but it is certainly worth repeating: a new hardcover tribute to the late Dave Cockrum, to be released in February. eth was kind enough to send us a cover rough, as well. Aardwolf Publishing will release The Uncanny […]

Friendly giant towers over superhero

We know all Beat readers were gladdened by the heart warming story of the world’s tallest man, 7 foot 8 inch Bao Xishun, getting called in to save some gluttonous dolphins. The finny victims couldn’t believe they ate the whole things after ingesting dangerous plastic shards, but the brave Mongolian herdsman was able to use […]

Hammock of doom

Radar Online has a pretty funny feature on the most dangerous toys of all time, including a 50s mini-lab that included radioactive material — Hello, Putin! — and several classics like Jarts and the PlastiGoop Thing-Maker. We had great fun with the latter toxic toy, back in the days when children were tough enough to […]

Chanukah: A Time For Superheroes

What the– Doctor Leonard Samson, better known as “Doc Samson,â€? strides down the corridor and into the classroom, massive muscles rippling beneath his skin-tight red costume. He sports a long mane of hair, just like his biblical namesake (except the real Samson’s hair wasn’t green, presumably). Today, Doc Samson, taking a welcome break from his […]


The heat is off in my building again. You may have noticed that the sidebar is slowly reappearing thanks to the efforts of our intern Cindy. It is still a work in progress, and we have to fix some of the links, but it’s better than nothing. Thanks, Cindy! PS: Hooray, Ennio Morricone! You go, […]