Having escaped a dangerous ceiling collapse, Evan Dorkin updates his fans with various projects, including the possibility of more SHIN-CHAN:

Sarah and I have begun “punch-up” work on a new batch of episodes for the Shin-Chan anime from Funimation. It seems the test run on the Adult Swim went over well, I am assuming the goal is to get more episodes on the air, but we haven’t heard anything official, so, you haven’t either. Whatever the case, we’re going to work on these until they tell us to stop. If we get anything more concrete than that, and it’s okay to talk about it, we’ll let you know.

The Bart Simpson comic script I’m working on is now a 15-pager instead of a 12-pager. Thanks, Bongo, you folks are awesome. Honest.

The Punk Rock Holocaust DVD cover/poster illo is just about finished. Lots of characters and severed heads meant a lot of coloring headaches for Sarah. She is awesome, too. Honest.

The link also includes an image from TYRONE’S INFERNO, the Dorkin/Dyer animation project in development for Adult Swim.