Templesmith tools around movie set

Ben Templesmith returns from hanging out at the 30 DAYS OF NIGHT set, and he is excited: I was awesomely, stunningly wrong in my assumptions. Being on set and meeting David Slade ( and his delightful girlfriend Erica of course ) made me realize he’s got plans for this thing. He’s got a vision, while […]

Target: Tony Lee

Although the general reaction to BrumCon was positive (Rich Johnston has a good summation in this week’s crackerjack edition of Lying in the Gutters, more of which later) there was one untoward incident: it seems an expedition to a Goth club proved dangerous for a bunch of comics types, as Tony Lee was the victim […]

BrumCon remembered

Adrian Brown, organizer of the Just1Page charity, sent us a report on the recently concluded Birmingham International Comics Show, complete with a link to an action-packed Flickr set. Sounds like for a debut it was an excellent entry into the always problematic Brit comics scene — and may actually have more of a success than […]

TO DO: 12/12 – 12/17

Despite the encroaching holidays, there are still a few cool and groovy comical events taking place in the next few days — check one out in YOUR neighborhood! Tuesday, December 12th San Francisco, CA from 7-9PM “Draw Me a Possum, 63 Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Years of Pogo” at the Cartoon Art Museum Mark Burstein, Scott Daley […]

“Anti-gay” writer takes on gay superhero

The blogosphere has a new talking point as the news that Chuck Dixon is writing a comic starring Midnighter, the gay character from THE AUTHORITY hits. Dixon is well known to be on the conservative side, but Crocodile Caucus picks up some past rhetoric from him on the topic of homosexuality in comics: The guy […]

Jahnke leaves VIZ

Publishers Weekly has word of a personnel shift at VIZ: Dudley Jahnke has left Viz Media and Viz CEO Hidemi Fukuhara has taken over his duties overseeing sales and marketing at the manga publishing house. Gonzalo Ferreyra will take over direct responsibility for book and DVD sales and will report to Fukuhara.

USA Today comics are expensive!

You know what the problem with comics these days is? They are just too expensive! $2.99 for a few pages of story is just too much, let alone $3.50 or $3.95! No kid is going to buy a comic book that costs that much! Oh, you mean REALLY expensive.: •Absolute Sandman The oversized collection showcases […]

Women in comics movies

A quick roundup of some comics to movie news that gives us a chance to post some nice photos. Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra has been teasing involvement with the upcoming WONDER WOMAN film The former model, whose previous hits include Dhoom and Krrish, told the Times Of India: “Till something happens, I don’t want to […]