You know what the problem with comics these days is? They are just too expensive! $2.99 for a few pages of story is just too much, let alone $3.50 or $3.95! No kid is going to buy a comic book that costs that much!

Oh, you mean REALLY expensive.:

•Absolute Sandman The oversized collection showcases the first 20 issues of Neil Gaiman’s master of dreams character, with new coloring and 50 pages of bonus features. DC/Vertigo, $99.

•New X-Men Omnibus More than 40 issues written by Grant Morrison in more than 1,096 pages. Marvel, $100.

•Madman Gargantua (due in February). More than 850 pages of Mike Allred’s zany superhero. Image Comics, $125.

“We’re coming into a time, not limited to comics, where people are willing to pay more for really beautiful collections of things that are important to them — the complete New Yorker, Calvin & Hobbes,” says DC Comics publisher Paul Levitz. “A niche has opened up for almost an objet d’art kind of book.”

The brief article includes differing views from retailers on the high-ticket items. As for us, we didn’t even KNOW about that Morrison X-men collection…time to start saving shekels, methinks!


  1. Really? Well since Games cost 50 bucks for almost all platforms, Sneakers over 125.00, and some of those Cards games are 5.99 and up per pack? I mean really are comics that much? The prices aren’t going to come down and when some companies tries to do the 1.00 books people don’t what them, they think something is wrong for a comic that low. People don’t think about the 4.99 they plop down for a moca chi lattle. It could be much worse.

    Wilson Ramos Jr.