Sit where Frank sat

We all have a few tough nuts on our Christmas shopping list, but surely even the toughest would be cracked by owning Frank Miller’s drawing chair? That’s just one of the fabulous, one of a kind auctions the CBLDF is running at the end of the year. More pr in the jump. Want to help […]

Invisible Hands

Eric at Flog points us towards this YouTube video of Richard Sala’s INVISIBLE HANDS which ran, believe it or leave, on LIQUID TELEVISION back in the day, along with Beavis and Butt-head and Aeon Flux. More YouTube sleuthing in the link.

Platinum Studios targets sex offenders

Well here is the headline we never thought we’d see, but it’s all for a very good cause. Family Watchdog, a registry of information on sex offenders has teamed with Platinum Studios to put this information on mobile devices: Family Watchdog (, America’s leading provider of registered sex offender information, today announced a partnership with […]

Millar gushes about WANTED FILM

Over at MILLARWORLDMark Millar pees his pants in excitement over a recent visit with WANTED director Timur Bekmambetov: I went in expecting little as I haven’t been involved in this at all. We signed the deal, we got our cash and were just happy to be in Hollywood in some small way, but had no […]

Gossip! Scandal!

Not too much happening in the comic book world right now. Our link dump brought in a lot of sort of comics related MOVIE AND TV NEWS, however, so we’ll call this our special ALL-ENTERTAINMENT POST at The Beat! ITEM! Browncoats find something to do with their pathetic lives. ITEM! George Clooney surprisingly hip about […]