Mark Siegel on ‘American Born Chinese’ sales

ICv2 has a nice interview with Mark Siegel, which looks at the metrics of how getting a book nominated for a major award affects sales: The first list [of First Second graphic novels] that came out in May went to reprint before the release dates on all six titles. And it’s something pretty similar with […]


PR says it all: Narbonic, Shaenon K. Garrity’s long-running daily webstrip, has just entered its final month of publication. The strip will complete its six-and-a-half-year run in December, with the last strip appearing on December 31, 2006. Narbonic was planned from the beginning with a set story arc and an ending. The strip has run […]

More Minx Links

A few more just tying up the loose ends. If you haven’t read the epic comments thread on our previous Minx post, you are missing out on comments from all the players, a lesson in marketing, the history of Wonder Woman, AND confirmation that the name “Minx” was chosen in focus group testing. So, yes, […]

Rege and Huizenga news

Via the D&Q blog: D+Q wants to say congratulations to Ron Rege Jr, as his band-Lavender Diamond-signed with Matador Records. You can hear their beautiful and addicting single “You Broke My Heart” on their myspace page. You can read Ron’s comics in The Awake Field, where Lavender Diamond singer Becky Stark coauthored Peace Comics. Yes, […]

ICv2 Graphic Novel Conference returns at NYCC

One of the innovative features of this year’s New York Comic-con was the graphic novel conference held the day before. Organized by ICv2’s Milton Griepp, it was a chance to catch up with a number of GN movers and shakers, and a good kick-off for the more consumer-oriented part of the show. The conference will […]

New book about comics

By a chance of fate while we were waiting for our luggage at JFK the other night, we ran into comics journalist Joel Meadows, a fortuitous event that meant we could split a cab and chat about comics. It also led us to Joel’s blog, Walls and bridges where he’s posted pictures from his mission […]

BOOMTOWN SCABS artist killed

Sad news. John Styrk Jr., artist on indie comicBOOMTOWN SCABS was killed in a car crash this weekend. The local paper has a news report. A 32-year-old Whittaker man returning home from a comic book discussion group was killed early Saturday morning after the car he was traveling in was hit broadside by an SUV […]


§ § Pics from Little Lit party at Rocketship. § Comic Book Commentary has launched a Comic Book Creator Directory. It’s still in its beginning stages, but looks handy. § James Kochalka reviews SCOTT PILGRIM: Some things about it are so good it hurts. Particularly, the way he takes videogame concepts and logic and uses […]