It’s over: New Yorker succumbs to variant covers

And Chris Ware is the culprit!: The next cartoon issue of The New Yorker, dated Nov. 27 and on newsstands next week, will feature four different covers by Chris Ware. The magazine is calling it a narrative cover, with each image depicting a Thanksgiving scene, two set in 1942 and two today. The stories become […]

To Do tonight, NYC: McCloud at NYU

Scott McCloud delivers his entire slide show for the only time in NYC tonight at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU: Comics Legend Scott McCloud at NYU Date and Time:November 20, 20067:00pm – 9:00pm Location:19 West 4th Street, Room 101The Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at the Tisch School of the Arts at New […]

A couple more pictures from the National

The National, a comics show here in NYC, was like it always was: a very very old school show that includes low ceilings and lots of long boxes. Val Kilmer felt poorly and went home early so we didn’t get to get a picture with him. We ran into Richard Howell and chatted with him […]

Yoe is looking for dirty cartoons!

We also ran into Craig Yoe at the National, and he showed us a mockup of his upcoming book, Clean Cartoonists’s Dirty Drawings, and it was an eye-opener and no mistake. What was Ernie Bushmiller’s obsession with dogs sniffing each other’s butts? And man, did Carl Barks draw sexy girls. Anyway, Yoe is still looking […]

Women at the Jewish Museum

Elayne has an excellent write up of last week’s panel on women in comics at the Jewish Museum: Other topics touched on in the too-brief discussion portion were bizarre breasts, how male artistic preferences tend to be more confrontational, whether the panelists have a specific audience gender in mind when they work, and where the […]

Levitz on Transmedia

We told you about that MIT Convergence Culture Consortium thing that took place over the weekend, and if you really want to delve in they have transcripts and what not, including that panel that DC’s Paul Levitz took part in. You can read a transcript here and here. It’s a little rough since it seems […]

Cartoonists around the world

§ Aline Kominsky Crumb talks about her husband vi his self-portraits in the LA Times: As a child, my husband, Robert, already felt like an alienated old man (top left). He longed for the past, never having actually known what he was nostalgic for. It was as if he were born in the wrong time. […]

Jackson not gonna make the HOBBIT

OneRing.Net has a letter from director Peter Jackson where he explains that due to his not being able to work on THE HOBBIT until his lawsuit with New Line over the profits of FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, New Line has told him they don’t want him to make THE HOBBIT…or a mysterious 2nd prequel to […]

Lovable ‘toon penguins defeat James Bond

“Do you expect me to talk, Goldfinger?” “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to waddle over to that ice floe and guard your eggs fiercely.”: A cadre of singing and dancing penguins beat out the monkey-suited international superspy James Bond at the B.O. this weekend, as Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow’s CG-animated “Happy Feet” skipped […]