THE TRIPPER is a horror film whose villain is an axe-wielding former president. It was directed by David Arquette and co-written by Arquette and former comical type Joe Harris (DARKNESS FALLS) which is why we’re mentioning it here. The film also stars comics writer Thomas Jane as well as Jaime King, Paul Reubens, Jason Mewes, […]

The Three Act Structure

Chris Butcher has a long important post spinning off from Queenie Chan’s comments on making her Tokyopop OEL/OGM THE DREAMING. First quote is from Chan: “From this perspective, it’s almost inevitable that “The Dreaming” is structured in a Three-Act Structure. Does that mean that the three-act structure suits the 3-book format? Heck, no. This is […]

This weekend…The National in NYC

It’s time for THE NATIONAL, the Big Apple Con’s biggest show of the year. You can see all the media type guests in the above graphic, but there are also many cool comics folks: Joining a list that already includes Neal Adams, John Romita Sr. and John Romita Jr. are ground breaking artist Bill Sienkiewicz […]

Levitz speaks to eggheads

If you like think tank talks about the future, you would probably like the MIT CMS/C3 Futures of Entertainment Conference taking place this weekend. Registration is closed, alas: As advertisers look for new ways to engage audiences, content creators search for new audiences, and audiences quest for new ways to connect with culture, the nature […]

Catching up with Vertigo and Rushkoff

Vertigo has joined the “first one is free club” by posting the first issues of most of their signature titles for free on these here internets. Everything from SANDMAN #1 and SWAMP THING #1 to EXTERMINATORS and TESTAMENT. The latter has the added bonus of notes by writer Douglas Rushkoff, which he describes a bit […]

McLauchlin on The Hero Initiative

We frequently post news of fundraising efforts for The HERO INITIATIVE (formerly ACTOR), but a quick review might be in order. ACTOR stood for A Commitment To Our Roots and was founded to help cartoonists in need — drawing the funny books is a job without benefits and pensions, and when you’re sick or old […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 11/17

The footnote interviews color whiz Matt Hollingsworth, who just moved to Croatia: Q: Coloring techniques have changed quite a bit over the years, with them infernal computers and tools like Photoshop becoming more and more essential. With your colors being known for their textured quality, do you now wonder how you lived without the new […]


A supercool comics event, one of so many recently, is taking place tonight at the Newark Museum. Now, you may be afraid of going to Newark, but we were there a few weekends ago, and honest, it was a very easy walk from the train station to the museum. And the show itself is jaw […]

Journalists jailed for Mohammad cartoons

We don’t cover too much stuff on the Danish cartoon controversy — to be honest, it’s too depressing and hopeless, and Tom has been doing a bang-up job of keeping up with it. But once in a while a story comes along that bear mentioning. It seems two Azeri journalists have been jailed for publishing […]