200611170253The other day when I posted the news about Steve Rude and Mike Baron bringing back NEXUS, it was mentioned that I will be contributing to the Dude’s follow-up anthology. Just to clear things up, since in my glee I didn’t phrase it very well, this is NOT a Nexus story! I have about as much desire to write a NEXUS story as I do to write a new episode of THE PRISONER. I leave that to the pros. The Dude and I have been chatting back and forth for a while about this, and it’s still in the formative stages, but…if it works out, I think it will be cool. So there.

In one other bit of business, in re to the problems between Baron and Rude that had put the return of Nexus on hold, Mrs. Dude, Jaynelle posted this on Newsarama

For those of you who heard the rumor about Steve and Mike having a falling out, well, they did have a disagreement over the storyline, and Nexus was scrubbed from the lineup. After Steve saw the wonderful intro that Baron did for Steve’s upcoming “Art Of” book, he talked Baron into giving the story one more shot and the rest is history. Here’s something that was posted on our website (www.steverude.com) and was in our newsletter (www.steverude.com/dudenews) on Nov 8:

Welcome all ye faithful to a most astounding announcement of the first magnitude. Ironically, a message that was announced months ago, and sadly, had to be retracted due to internal conflicts between Baron and I. Conflicts, that have now been dutifully and thankfully put to rest, so that we may finally proceed with our intended destiny.

Now, with proper scripts finally in hand, we can indeed announce–the Return of Nexus. Just as before, Nexus will be taking it’s rightful place as the flagship title of Rude Dude Productions, in conjunction with The Moth and the Rude Dude Anthology title.


  1. Most excellent news indeed. I occasionally hang out with Baron, and knew of the disagreement, and as both Mike’s friend and a Nexus fan hoped this matter could be resolved, and it has. Everybody wins!

  2. This IS good to hear, I can’t wait ’til I have the comic in my hands. Maybe by now the comic readers of America will have grown up enough to give ol’ Nexus a chance. It would be a sad thing to have a disagreement stand in the way of a comic that is as good as any science fiction I have ever encountered, regardless of the form it it in.