Fall 2006 Xeric winners announced

The fall Xeric Grant recipients have been announced! As is normal, several of them resist easy googling — one shares the name of a famous Beat poet; one seems to be a much lauded painter; and a third has had his book about Ham, the first monkey in space, already picked up my Oni. We’ve […]

Batman and Robin: crime-fighters…or distractions?

Bournemouth UK police dressed as Batman and RObin to nab drug suspects. But it appears the Dynamic Duo were effective not because their appearance spelled fear in the hearts of criminals — but rather because their unexpected sighting served as a distraction! Two policemen dressed as Batman and Robin captured a suspected drugs offender – […]

Secret Venom appearance!

Okay this one is a little mysterious, but we’ll try to piece it together. While you’re porbably still drying your pants by the campfire after viewing Thursday night’s debut of the SPIDER-MAN 3 trailer, a rougher, “unfinished” version with extra footage has been floating around on video sites. YouTube has been taking it down, but […]

DC gives seed money to retailer org

Several organizations of comics retailers have emerged over the years, from ERCBRA, to COBRA to the DLG and several others we can’t remember. The latest attempt is ComcisPRO, and it seems one of the more serious efforts. Certainly with the comics pamphlet and the 25-year-old direct sales market model under increasing pressure from the evolution […]

Marshall, MO slogs towards policy

Zack Sims continues to faithfully chronicle the activities of the Marshall, MO library board, as another meeting to discuss their policy on material selection, with some progress made: The committee had agreed to read the material selection policies of a number of libraries from around the state and the country and to take note of […]

No slump for Toriyama!

The Honolulu Star Bulletin look at Akira Toriyama’s DR. SLUMP. Toriyama is best known for creating the international blockbuster DARGON BALL Z, but his earlier creation, DR. SLUMP, is intelligible to even the more casual reader, a sometimes vulgar and yet warm comedy about a wacky doctor who creates a little girl robot — hijinks […]

Dark Horse: “quirky, brooding and inventive”

Dark Horse gets a HUGE, complimentary profile in the comics-loving NEW YORK TIMES. COMIC books — sealed in plastic or not — were only the beginning. By 1991, Dark Horse had set up a unit to develop toys and later began a film division and a publishing imprint for decidedly noncomics products, including collections of […]

“My baby gets Antifreeze”

We are saddened by the passing of Oscar®-winning actor Jack Palance, and he even has a brief comics-ish kind of connection by having hosted RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT back in the day. But while ya’ll find Youtube to be a source of wonders, it just frustrates us. We have dim memories of Palance starring […]