Zack Sims continues to faithfully chronicle the activities of the Marshall, MO library board, as another meeting to discuss their policy on material selection, with some progress made:

The committee had agreed to read the material selection policies of a number of libraries from around the state and the country and to take note of things in them that could be included in the new policy at the Marshall library.

The board discussed a large number of ideas and pulled quotes from a variety of the other library’s policies.

Some of the ideas discussed included wording to outline the responsibilities of the library, tools that should be used for selection, as well as the criteria used for the selection of library materials.

All of the ideas were written down and discussed. A task force made up of three of the committee members, Anita Wright, Jeanne Simonton and Priscilla McReynolds, was formed during the meeting. The task force will meet and condense the ideas discussed into a written document to bring back to the assembled committee to again discuss.

The next episode takes place on Thursday.