Bournemouth UK police dressed as Batman and RObin to nab drug suspects. But it appears the Dynamic Duo were effective not because their appearance spelled fear in the hearts of criminals — but rather because their unexpected sighting served as a distraction!

Two policemen dressed as Batman and Robin captured a suspected drugs offender – in a bizarre sting operation.

The Dynamic Duo – Sgt Tony Smith and PC Mike Holman – pulled on the superhero outfits in a bid to unsettle the suspected baddies.

They pretended to be drunks looking for a fancy dress party and knocked on the door of the suspect’s home.

Those inside refused to answer the door to the loud, comically dressed visitors – which was what the officers wanted.

Batman and Robin then went around the back of the property in Weymouth, Dorset, while seven uniformed officers went to the front door.

Those inside the house were PLEASED to see the policemen and complained to them about the fancy dress drunks. They then invited the officers in.

However, one of the men inside the house ran out of the back door on seeing the policeman – to where the superheroes were waiting for him.