Shake-up at Wizard

Still playing catch-up, the BIG story today is the the shake-up at Wizard, with long-time EIC Pat McCallum let go in among other staffing changes, as tersely revealed in this press release: Wizard Entertainment today announced several staffing changes, including the addition of several new hires to the publishing and Wizard World tour divisions. Recent […]

Women in Comics

I know there was a firestorm of comment over Occasional Superheroine, and the harrowing story of Valerie D’Orazio, former DC and Valiant assistant editor. I’m still digesting it all, and Val’s story, which is very, very difficult to read. I worked with Val, and she’s kind, smart, creative and definitely a quirky individualist. She’s also […]

Initial Minx thoughts

Like we said, we’re collating our thoughts on Minx, the new DC/Vertigo imprint aimed at teenaged girls, and other women and comics related matters. We will say that the story in the New York Times that broke the story did DC no favors in the comics industry with its PR like quotes, and Karen Berger […]

More on Dave Cockrum

We gave not nearly enough coverage to the passing of Dave Cockrum while we were away, including posting a cover drawn by Gil Kane in our obit. To make up for that a bit, here’s the cover to X-MEN #102, the first X-men comics we ever read, in fact only the third Marvel comic we […]

Making Comics – Chapter 5 1/2

Scott McCloud’s brief Chapter 5 1/2 on web comics is up. We haven’t had time to thoroughly digest it yet — discuss!

MoCCA just gets bigger

Once again, we’re not going to run all the press releases we got while we were away, but this seems fairly newsworthy: demand for tables at the 2007 MoCCA-fest is so high they are adding a second floor of tables. The panels will be moved to MoCCA itself, which may be a bit problematic, but […]


Although the rumor had previously been pooh-poohed by Garth Ennis himself, it seems that PREACHER is indeed in development as a mini-series at HBO. The pay cable network is developing a one-hour series based on the popular 1990s Vertigo comics series. Mark Steven Johnson, the writer-director behind comic adaptations “Daredevil” and the upcoming “Ghost Rider,” […]

Africa Comics exhibit impresses

We’re not going to spend a lot of time on links to stories that came up while we were away, but there are a ew that need some attention. The New York Times gives the Africa Comics exhibit a great write-up. This show kind of snuck into town with very very little fanfare, but it […]

There is no try

Whee doggie…so much to catch up on. Having dodged radioactive spies across two continents, we’re back in the saddle to say: laugh away, Putty-put! It does seem that our brief holiday managed to allow us to miss the biggest comics story of the year: a cartoonist/karate expert going commando and taking a city hostage. Or […]


by Marc-Oliver Frisch A whole range of upper- and mid-level sellers in DC Comics’ mainstream superhero line line were missing in October: New issues of All-Star Batman, Justice League of America, Batman, Teen Titans, Supergirl, Superman, Blue Beetle and Aquaman were scheduled for an October release but failed to ship, while Superman/Batman, Wonder Woman and […]

To Do 11/28, NYC – Rabid Rabbit

No time for a real calendar of events, but tonight our pals at the Rabid Rabbit anthology are having a bash. Benjamin Trinh writes: …the very first Rabid Rabbit comic anthology exhibition —SVA Chelsea Gallery is hosting a show of our comics and illustration original artwork! We’re also gonna be unveiling our newes Reception: Tuesday, […]

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: October 2006

by Paul O’Brien The CIVIL WAR crossover continued to sprawl across the Marvel line in October, but with the core book running late and other titles having to wait for it, there were several big names missing from the shelves. But every cloud has a silver lining, and with CIVIL WAR absent, some of Marvel’s […]

Homeward Bound

Hello from the Brompton Cemetery, resting place of legendary sufragette Emmeline Pankhurst. We’ll be in transit back to the US tomorrow, but the DC month to month sales will be up to tide you over. We know we’ve missed a lot, and we’ll try to play a bit of catch up when we return to […]

Lou Fine

R.I.P. Dave Cockrum

Dave Cockrum, legendary artist and co-creator of such characters as Storm, Nightcrawler, the Starjammers and many more, died on Saturday of complications from diabetes. He was 63. Cockrum had been in ill-health for years, but continued to appear at conventions as a popular guest. Despite his lasting achievements in comics, Cockrum lived in poverty for […]

Eddie Campbell blogs

Bookmark Eddie Campbell’s new blog post haste. First off, he explains why FROM HELL was out of print for a year: This is just one more episode in the loony publishing history of this book, which has seen publishers, distributors and now a printer all go out of business. So, the problem was that there […]