Gene Yang reax

Via SFGATe, Gene Yang’s reaction to AMERICAN BORN CHINESE’s historic National Book Award nomination: “I’m in shock,” said Yang, who missed the call from his agent about the news Tuesday night because he was too busy writing progress reports for his high school students. “I checked my messages this morning and couldn’t believe it. I […]

Wal-Mart thinks its OWN comics are just fine!

Getting into Wal-Mart has long been seen as a Holy Grail for getting comics in front of a wider audience, but encroachments have been sparse and experimental. Concerns over content, and other distribution problems have left comics in the retailing behemoth’s doghouse. However, it seems they think comics are fine for their own world conquest […]

Marshall library update

In case you missed it, The Marshall Democrat-News story on the library board’s decision to remove FUN HOME and BLANKETS from shelves until a book policy can be drafted. Wright proposed the policy during her opening remarks at the meeting. Board members voted seven to one, with board member Connie Grisier voting against the motion […]

Event reports: ICAF, Quills

Diva Coping Mechanisms has a lengthy report on the first day of ICAF: The first day of the International Comics Arts Festival was ok. I knew it would there would be a low turn out given the fact you’re talking about comics….AND using the theories of Pierre Bordieu to discuss about panelling. Most of us […]

Wedding of the…week!

Much Fantastic Four news rounded up at Cinematical, including this Flickr set spy report with super secret pictures of the wedding of…SUE STORM and REED RICHARDS! Here’s Sue escorted by her hot-headed brother Johnny Storm. Gosh, she’s pretty! But of course, whenever superheroes are wed, a supervillain is such to interrupt, complaining of the lack […]

Shocking Disney sex tape makes all your fantasies come true

Employees at Paris Disneyland have made dozens of furries’ dreams come true by staging a sordid mouse-on-mouse sex orgy: The footage, which is certain to be banned from Disney’s official merchandise, shows Goofy grabbing Minnie Mouse from behind. She pulls herself away, but is then cornered for more fake sex with a giant snowman. In […]

On the road again

We’re in transit to SPX as you read these words. Which means we had to get up at an hour best not even considered. So light posting for now. But just for old times’ sake, we wonder what dear, dear Gerard Butler thinks of all this?