Marshall, MO final notes

A few items that have drifted in over the day regarding the library cencorship story that everyone is tracking. One of our correspondents notes that Marshall, MO is where WAITING FOR GUFFMAN was filmed, although it was called “Blane, MO’ in the film. We’re the center of a stool boom, indeed. Another correspondent points us […]

24 Hour Comics Day

Woot! Lest we forget it is ;24 Hour Comics  day tomorrow! We like how the comic book calendar has evolved into a year long series of feasts and festivals, from the Beltane-like Free Comic Book Day, to summer’s San Diego Festivus, and now the fall sleepless celebration, which, like Hallow’een, will have you seeing impossible […]

Alias goes with God

Alias, one of the doomed Class of ’05 comics publishers who tried to make a go of it with a new line of periodicals/pamphlets/floppies is becoming a Christian comics publisher. As rumoreed a while ago, they are teaming up with Christian book publisher Zondervan: Under the terms of its agreement with Zondervan, Alias will create […]


Yesterday we told you about an attempt in Marshall, MO to remove FUN HOME and BLANKETS from the shelves of the library. Now via comments and email, the followup report on a library board hearing. The room was packed, and people talked for TWO HOURS. Reporter Zach Sims gives a very thorough account on the […]

Jeff Smith in Frankfurt

Jeff Smith blogs his trip to Frankfurt with lots o’ pictures It was also the first time I got to see the new [German] TokyoPop editions of BONE. They made two versions: one a manga sized black & white book. The other a larger full color one. I think this was a bold move and […]

Industry watch: WATCHMEN, Who wants to renew a reality show?

Director Zack Snyder talks about his planned WATCHMEN movie at Empire: And despite widespread assumptions, Snyder isn’t planning to update it from its Cold War setting to the present day, despite both eras sharing a political unrest. “1985’s a problem for people,â€? he continues. “The Cold War’s a problem for people. But these are things […]


Al Columbia is one of the more mysterious figures in comics, although it’s more mystique than reality. Part of the mystery stems from his involvement in Big Numbers, Alan Moore’s unfinished story of contemporary life in Northhampton, UK. Two issues, illustrated by Bill SIenkiewicz, were published by Tundra. When Sienkiewicz dropped out, (his art for […]

Robert Anton Wilson – UPDATE

UPDATE: Boing Boing has a further report, saying that Wilson has enough money to live out his last few weeks, as reproducing a note from him, which we’re going to quote. Dear Friends, my God, what can I say. I am dumbfounded, flabbergasted, and totally stunned by the charity and compassion that has poured in […]