Alias, one of the doomed Class of ’05 comics publishers who tried to make a go of it with a new line of periodicals/pamphlets/floppies is becoming a Christian comics publisher. As rumoreed a while ago, they are teaming up with Christian book publisher Zondervan:

Under the terms of its agreement with Zondervan, Alias will create three 8-book series of graphic novels, which Zondervan will print and distribute. Alias, which from its very inception back in May of 2005 always had a number of religiously-themed comics and graphic novels in production, is also creating a comic based on the Christian-themed Angel Wars videos, publishing the Christian pop culture magazine, bubblemag, and plans to continue to publish Royden Lepp’s David: A Shepherd’s Song and Ted Dekker’s Saint.

With the move, Alias publisher Mike S. Miller will be ceasing publication of Alias’s non Christian books, although he is helping to find new publishers for them. Newsarama has an interview with Miller with more details:

NRAMA: Which titles will no longer be published by Alias/Cross Culture and what titles are continuing?

MSM: Alias will continue to publish books like Daniel, David: The Shepherd’s Song, David’s Mighty Men, Opposite Forces, Armor Quest, as well as several new titles still in the planning and development stages. All the other books we will continue to sell through available stock until it is sold out, but we won’t produce any new works that aren’t Christian themed in one way or another. We also aren’t canceling any mini-series mid story arc, and we’re trying to wrap up any ongoing series at the end of the current story arc. We don’t want to leave readers hanging.

The mini-series will all wrap up, that includes Hyper-Actives, Revere and Pistolfist. We’ve canceled Semi-Auto Angel, because we didn’t want to start a new series after making this decision. As I said, we don’t want to chop stories off mid-arc, but I don’t have answers for what issue will be the last for ongoing titles like Tenth Muse and Legend of Isis.

It is perhaps a good idea not to continue THE TENTH MUSE as a Christian comics.
10Th Muse
The new Alias comics will be distributed to the direct market via Zondervan.


  1. I read this yesterday elsewhere, and then today FOX pictures launches a faith film division. It’s just God’s world and we’re living in it. Hah!