Director Zack Snyder talks about his planned WATCHMEN movie at Empire:

And despite widespread assumptions, Snyder isn’t planning to update it from its Cold War setting to the present day, despite both eras sharing a political unrest.

“1985’s a problem for people,â€? he continues. “The Cold War’s a problem for people. But these are things I’ve been trying to [tell people] would be cool. I like that Richard Nixon is the president in it. I think that’s important. Those kinds of things tell you exactly what kind of movie this is – it’s not Fantastic Four, you knowâ€?..

Much of interest in the link, on how the approach will differ from 300, the use of cgi and so on. There’s also this from Snyder’s producer wife, Deborah, re: CASTING:

“We’ve been getting a lot of calls since Comic Con…all the people who have clients who are fans of the Watchmen are like ‘Hey, just remember we’re here’”.


Meanwhile, while BLADE may have gone into perpetual reruns, the ascendancy of cheaper reality shows was proven yet again as WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO? has been picked up for a second season, this time with MORE episodes!

Sci Fi Channel has renewed “Who Wants to Be a Superhero?,” greenlighting an expanded 10-episode second season of the superhero search.

[snip]Six-episode first season averaged 1.5 million viewers, beating year-ago averages by 74% in adults 18-49 and by 44% in adults 25-54.